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MLB Draft 2014: Philadelphia Phillies draft a player with an Eagles connection

The MLB Draft is probably longer than it should be.

Mitchell Leff

The MLB draft fascinates me. I don't really follow it at all and my understanding of the exact rules is very limited, but I do know it's really long and players often get drafted who will never end up playing in the MLB.

So I found it interesting that in 35th round (yes, that actually exists) of the 2014 MLB Draft, the Philadelphia Phillies drafted a player with a connection to the Philadelphia Eagles. The player was none other than Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Tom Gamble's son: Tommy Gamble.

The Phillies draft connections to the NFL didn't start there, however. In the 32nd round of the MLB Draft, the Phillies selected Tom Flacco, brother of NFL quarterback Joe Flacco. (No word on if Tom is ELITE.)

No members of the Eagles themselves were drafted by the Phillies, but now's as good of a time as ever to remind you that Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper once was drafted by Philadelphia's baseball team in 2006. Cooper declined to sign with the Phillies and opted to play baseball (and football, obviously) at Florida instead.

One NFL player that did get drafted was the ever so popular Johnny Manziel. Johnny Baseball, as they're calling him, was taken by the San Diego Padres in the 28th round. That would be very funny (but incredibly unlikely) if he chose playing for the Padres over the Browns.

All of this has me wondering what the NFL draft would be like if it had something like 30 rounds. The inter-sport drafting could get really fun. Why not spend a 24th round pick on someone like LeBron James? How about a 33rd on some obscure sumo wrestler?

Of course, a 30 round NFL draft would just mean the league would find a way to stretch it out one round per day over the course of a month. And that would be terrible.