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2015 NFL Draft could take place in Philadelphia

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Al Bello

The 2015 NFL Draft might not be taking place in New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago after all, despite a report from NFL Network on Thursday night. According to ESPN Insider Adam Schefter, there are a number of locations around the Unites States that the NFL is considering to host next year's draft. One of those locations in play is none other than the great city of Philadelphia.

While Philly is just one of the many destinations listed, it's still a little interesting.

The bad news still is that the NFL is considering making the draft a four-day event. I already explained why I'm not a fan of this idea. The current three-day model is long enough. (So get off my lawn!)

The draft isn't the only major NFL event that Philadelphia has shown interest in hosting. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has stated he's interested in holding the NFL's biggest game of the year in Philly some day, but for now that's far from official.

What isn't far from official is that 2015 NFL Draft is at least being considered for Philadelphia. But does it really stand a chance against those other options? Do you even want it in Philly? And where exactly would it be held? Would you attend?