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The Linc - Jeremy Maclin among Top NFL Players in Contract Year

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/6/2014.


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Let's get to the links...

Eagles notes: Birds next to last in 'sack percentage' in 2013 - JimmyK,
The Eagles faced 670 pass attempts in 2013, which was over 100 more than the league average of 567. Within that article, we touched on the Eagles' pass rush, which was only able to amass 37 sacks on the season (20th in the NFL). That is a very low number considering the number of chances they had to rush the QB. I wanted to touch on that in a little more detail, and compare their pass rush opportunities to the rest of the NFL. And so, I computed how often the Eagles got to the quarterback per opposing dropback. In other words, sacks / (sacks + pass attempts). The results aren't pretty.

Old Man Celek - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Celek referred to "the kids" when talking about the young TEs. That’s the first sign that he’s an old man. But Celek sure doesn’t look old. He’s coming off a terrific season and says sports science has him feeling great. I am really curious to see the long term effects that the sport science program has. Will this actually extend careers by a year or two? Can we try some of the stuff on Brian Dawkins right now? The emergence of Zack Ertz will cut into some of Celek’s playing time, but he is still a key player. Celek is the better blocker of the duo and that’s critical in Chip Kelly’s running offense.

Three Eagles Numbers That Matter - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
The number of rushing attempts per game Sproles has averaged in the past three seasons. Back in March, we took an All-22 look at what Sproles brings to the table. The conclusion was that he would have a far greater impact as a receiver than as a ball-carrier. But Chip Kelly seems to have an issue with that assertion. Last week, a reporter started off a question to Kelly by pointing out that the team essentially was bringing on four new receivers (Jeremy Maclin, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff and Sproles) from a year ago. The head coach interrupted.

Eagles hopeful of a medical miracle - Les Bowen, Daily News
THERE WERE 32 team doctors at the NFL Scouting Combine in February, and every one of them examined Henry Josey's left knee. Thirty-two times, Josey hopped up on a table and offered up his scars from three surgeries. At an average of 10 minutes per exam, Josey would have spent 5 hours and 20 minutes being twisted and prodded, without allowing for downtime between appointments. It was a long day.

Team MVP? And The Fans Say - Dave Spadaro,
The roster has been significantly upgraded in the last couple of years. The blue-chip count has grown. Is there one player who rises above all to be deemed "Most Valuable" here? ...

NFL players in contract years who could cash in - Louis Bien, SB Nation NFL
The Eagles signed Maclin to a one-year deal this offseason that may as well have been accompanied by a chicken taunt. In perhaps the most "prove-it" deal of the offseason, Maclin will be paid a relatively modest $5.25 million to demonstate his worth, after four seasons of sub-elite prediction before a season-ending torn ACL last year. Chip Kelly clearly doesn't have any problem with letting go of big names if they don't meet his exacting standards. Maclin needs to step up as the Eagles' No. 1 receiver before Kelly hand picks someone else.