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Former Eagles News: Players Finding Work in the CFL & AFL

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Ever wonder what happened to that guy that was acquired in the package that included Moise Fokou or even Ryan Rau? Ponder no longer...

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The NFL dead season continues to be a pretty quiet time for the Eagles. While that has probably allowed you to think more about last weekend's Game of Thrones ending or actually watch other, lesser sports, it has given me the free time to do both of those things and check up on former Eagles players. While there are plenty of former Philadelphia players scattered around the NFL, there are also several in other professional leagues.

While you may not watch the Arena Football League or the Canadian Football League, you may also be like me and dig team nostalgia. From camp bodies to one-time starters, both the AFL and CFL have some names that you'll probably remember. During an episode of careless boredom, I decided to track the former Eagles that are currently in alternative leagues to the NFL.


Arena Football League

*You'll notice that some of the former players are listed as "Other League Exempt." That likely means that the team holds the player's rights if he is cut by his NFL team and chooses to join the AFL.

OG Max Jean-Gilles, Portland Thunder

- Jean Gilles was a fourth round pick out of Georgia by the Eagles when they had an infatuation with the Bulldogs (Hello Reggie Brown!). He spent five seasons with the Eagles and started 26 of the 42 games that he appeared in from 2006-2010.

WR Mardy Gilyard, Jacksonville Sharks (Other League Exempt)

- Gilyard was on the roster in 2012 and served as a punt returner for six games before being cut.

WR DeAndre Brown, New Orleans VooDoo

- You may remember the 6-foot-7, 240-pound receiver from the 2011 offseason, where he served as the previous regime's Ifeanyi Momah. He was cut in August of that year.

WR Rod Harper, San Jose SaberCats

- Harper was on the practice squad for most of the 2010 season and was among final cuts in 2011.

WR Nick Miller, Arizona Rattlers

- The returner bounced off and on the offseason roster last season until he was finally let go in August.

DT Marlon Favorite, New Orleans VooDoo

- A 2011 offseason camp body, who is most well-known for jumping at ghost players...

DT Isaac Remington, Arizona Rattlers

- Chip Kelly's pet project, who switched from defensive line to offensive line on the practice squad.

QB G.J. Kinne, San Antonio Talons (Other League Exempt)

- Kinne is still on the Eagles roster, but the Talons presumably own his AFL rights.

Canadian Football League

LB Simoni Lawrence, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

- Lawrence was a camp body in 2010, who was waived during final cuts.

CB Trevard Lindley, Montreal Alouettes

- Lindley was a fourth round pick in the 2010 by the Eagles and played one season with the team. He was cut in 2011 after training camp but returned as a camp body in 2012 and 2013.

WR Dobson Collins, Ottawa RedBlacks

- Collins was on the practice squad for most of 2009 and was waived during final cuts in 2010.

CB Kevin Thomas, Toronto Argonauts

- Thomas was acquired from the Colts with a draft pick for former starting linebacker Moise Fokou and Greg Lloyd in 2012. Thomas didn't make it past training camp and has been out of the league ever since.

RB Martell Mallett, Calgary Stampeders

- Mallett bounced on and off the practice squad as a running back with fullback size in 2010.

CB/S Jamar Wall, Calgary Stampeders

- Wall was picked up for the final game of 2010 and had one tackle in his stint with the Eagles. He was waived during final cuts in 2011.

QB Jacory Harris, Edmonton Eskimos

- A rookie camp arm for 2011, Harris was more of a name from college than an actual NFL passer.

LB Ryan Rau, Edmonton Eskimos

- Rau somehow played four games for the Eagles in 2012 and collected three tackles on special teams.

DB Matt Ware, Toronto Argonauts

- Ware played safety and cornerback for the Eagles for two seasons. He played in 28 games for the Eagles from 2004-2005 and collected 32 tackles, four pass breakups and a forced fumble.

LB Adrian Moten, Saskatchewan Roughriders

- Moten played one game in 2012 for the Eagles and didn't make the most of it.

CB Macho Harris, Saskatchewan Roughriders

- Harris was unfortunately thrust into a role that he obviously couldn't handle. The defensive back version of Casey Matthews lasted just one season with the Eagles, despite starting eight of the 15 games he appeared in during his 2009 rookie campaign. He produced 44 tackles.

OL Danny Watkins, BC Lions (Other League Exempt)

- Philadelphia's 2011 1st round draft pick spent last season with the Dolphins after being cut by the Eagles. He's currently an unrestricted free agent and could get another shot in the NFL but it's worth noting the BC Lions own his CFL rights.

Other Notable Names

QB Darron Thomas, Portland Thunder

- Thomas is currently the backup quarterback for the AFL team.

QB Stephen McGee, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

- Former Cowboys quarterback, who wasn't very good.

WR Brandon Banks, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

- A former Redskins returner, Banks was useless outside of special teams in the NFL.

QB Troy Smith, Montreal Alouettes

- Believe it or not, the former Heisman winner started games for the 49ers and Ravens.

WR Duron Carter, Montreal Alouettes

- Cris Carter's son bounced around colleges like he was a guiding a tour of the United States.

RB Jerious Norwood, Toronto Argonauts

- Former backup running back for the Rams and Falcons.

RB Steve Slaton, Toronto Argonauts

- At one point, Slaton was considered a better running back than Arian Foster.

DE Greg Romeus, Toronto Argonauts

- Former Co-Big East Defensive Player of the Year and a Pittsburgh Panthers teammate of LeSean McCoy, who has had two ACL tears.

QB John Beck, BC Lions

- The former Redskins quarterback just wasn't very good and played for bad teams.

QB Pat White, Edmonton Eskimos

- White couldn't decide if he wanted to play baseball or football and by the time he chose football, it was probably too late for the NFL.

QB Max Hall, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

- The BYU product was horrific in the NFL.

QB Brian Brohm, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

- Brohm is a former second round pick, who couldn't beat out the likes of Matt Flynn and Trent Edwards for jobs.