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The Linc - Eagles Defense Not As Bad As You Think

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/5/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles' pass D was merely 'kinda bad' last year, not NFL's worst - JimmyK,
While Williams is indeed correct that the Eagles gave up the most passing yards per game last season, those numbers are a little skewed because of the number of snaps they had to face. When the Eagles' offense scored, they scored quickly. In fact, the average Eagles touchdown drive in 2013 was a ridiculous 2:08 in duration. Here's how that compares with the rest of the NFL.

Contract Extension Talk - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Foles is a potentially tricky situation for the Eagles. Jeff Lurie has given out mega-deals to 2 QBs over the years…Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick. Both were Top 5 picks and elite physical talents. It was easy to see they were worth big money. Foles posted great results in 2013, but doesn’t pass the eye test nearly like the other guys. That’s part of the reason some people are still skeptical of Foles. He just isn’t special physically.

Benn competing for spot on Eagles' receiving corps - Jake Kaplan, Daily News
AMID THE HUBBUB stemming from DeSean Jackson's release, the much-anticipated return of Jeremy Maclin and the drafting of intriguing new weapons in Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff, a 2010 second-round draft pick is seldom mentioned when discussing the state of the Eagles' wide receiving corps. "I'm kind of like a dark horse," Arrelious Benn said after practice on Monday.

Bamiro, Now At Guard, Fighting For Spot - Josh Paunil, Birds 24/7
One modification in Year 2 is that he's changing positions, from tackle to guard. At 6-8 (340 pounds), Bamiro would've been tied for the tallest guard in the NFL last season. You rarely see players his size inside because most play too high, Kelce pointed out. But the Eagles' center thinks that won't be a problem for Bamiro and that Bamiro's long arms (that measure at more than three feet) will prevent interior lineman from getting into his body.

Chemistry, Cohesion Aid Eagles Defense - Alex Smith,
It was the first year in a 3-4 scheme under new defensive coordinator Bill Davis. There were a number of new players, each with their own personality and playing style, tasked with coming together in unfamiliar surroundings to form a cohesive unit. After a 1-3 start, that’s exactly what the group did, forming one of the most opportunistic defenses in the NFL, finishing tied for third with 31 takeaways in the regular season.

Cary Williams: Eagles' D will be 'much improved' - Kevin Rossi, CSN Philly
Heading into 2014, Cary Williams has one number stuck in his head: 32. That was where the Eagles ranked as a team in pass defense last season. Last in the league, allowing 289.8 yards per game. “Look at the numbers, we were the [32nd] pass-ranked defense,” Williams said after Monday’s practice during OTAs. “To me that’s not very impressive. I don’t think that’s impressive to anybody out here. We have to do better than that. We have to improve.”

NFL ditches Roman numerals for Super Bowl 50 - SB Nation NFL
There will not be a Super Bowl L as the NFL will go away from Roman numerals for a year and just call it Super Bowl 50.

First Sports Illustrated cover with the Philadelphia Eagles featured - r/NFL
December 19, 1960 - Norm Van Brocklin