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Allen Barbre Contract Details

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Good deal.

Enjoy this large photo of Barbre's face.
Enjoy this large photo of Barbre's face.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When it was announced the Philadelphia Eagles signed backup offensive lineman Allen Barbre to a three-year contract extension, the details of the deal were not readily available. That is, until now. CSN Philly's Geoff Mosher has the scoop.

This is probably a win-win for both sides. On one hand, Barbre is getting decent money despite not starting a single game since 2009. For the Eagles, Barbre is retained as a high-quality backup to four out of five positions on the offensive line. As I explained yesterday, Barbre also offers insurance if one of Todd Herremans or Evan Mathis (or possibly even Jason Peters) decline and/or become cap causalities. Barbre would be a very inexpensive starter if he was thrust into the starting lineup.

Simply put, good job by Eagles GM Howie Roseman on this deal.