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Philadelphia Eagles announce changes to their scouting and personnel departments

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Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

The Philadelphia Eagles have announced eight new changes in their scouting and football operations department. Full details here.

Eagles General Manger Howie Roseman had the following to say regarding these changes.

"We are excited to be able to bolster our football operations with these recent moves. We have talked so much about the process of scouting, drafting and signing players that are the right fit for the Philadelphia Eagles and all of these guys have played and will continue to play a vital role in that process."

The promotions are:

• Jake Rosenberg promoted to Director of Football Administration. Previously served as the Manager of Football Administration. Rosenberg plays a vital role in salary cap management.

• Brad Obee promoted to Southwest Regional Scout. Previously served as Northeast Region Scout (2013) and College Scouting Coordinator (2011-2012).

• Dom DiSandro (the guy you always saw standing next to Andy Reid) promoted to Vice President of Team Security. Spent the last three years in the role of Director of Team Security.

Other changes include:

• Rick Mueller named Director of Pro Player Personnel. Spent the last two seasons as the team's Player Personnel Executive. This is one of the most significant changes.

• Mike Bradway named Assistant Director of College Scouting. Previously served the last three years as the Eastern Regional Scout.

• Ryan Myers named the Northeast Regional Scout. Previously held the title of Pro Scout.

The new additions are:

Joe Hastings hired as a Pro Personnel Assistant. Previously spent time on the 49ers practice squad (2011) and retired after a brief offseason stint with the Miami Dolphins in 2013.

• Matt Lindsey named College Scouting Coordinator. Previously served as a scouting intern in 2013.

The personnel department as a whole looks like:

Tom Gamble - Vice President of Player Personnel
Anthony Patch - Director of College Scouting
Rick Mueller - Director of Pro Player Personnel
Ed Marynowitz - Assistant Director of Player Personnel
Michael Bradway - Assistant Director of College Scouting
Tom Donahoe - Senior Football Advisor
Brad Obee -  Southwest Regional Scout
Ryan Myers - Northeast Regional Scout
Matthew Lindsey - College Scouting Coordinator
Alan Wolking - College Scout, Southeast
Michael Davis - College Scout, Midwest
Trey Brown - College Scout, West
Louis Clark - Pro Scout
Joe Hastings - Pro Personnel Assistant