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How much could the Philadelphia Eagles sell for on the Clippers sale scale?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's say Philadelphia Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie woke up this morning and decided it's time to sell the team he owns. What would it be worth? According to Forbes, the current value of the Eagles is priced at $1.314 billion dollars. Only six other NFL teams are worth more. That's really not bad considering Lurie bought the team for $195 million 20 years ago in 1994.

But what if Lurie could sell the Eagles for even more than their estimated worth, just like the Los Angeles Clippers recently did? While the Clippers sale might be an outlier and not used as a reference point for future deals, it's interesting to think what NFL teams could sell for on the same scale. (H/T Frank Schwab)

The Clippers were estimated to be worth around $575 million dollars, but sold for a total of $2 billion. If we applied that same scale to the Eagles (worth $1.134 billion), they could sell for a whopping $4.573 billion. Again, compare that back to Lurie's $195 million purchase.

An even more ridiculous number would appear for the sale of the Dallas Cowboys. Their estimated value is currently at $2.3 billion, but on the Clippers scale Jerry Jones could sell his beloved team for a mind-boggling $8.004 billion. I hardly think Eagles fans would be in a rush to see Jones depart from the Cowboys, however.

Fortunately for Philadelphia, there doesn't seem to be a sale of the Eagles on the horizon. This is a good thing because Lurie is considered to be one of the best owners in the NFL. But if/when Lurie finally sells the team one day... he's going to turn quite a profit.