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Are the Eagles done with contract extensions?

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Could the Eagles offer another player a long-term deal before training camp?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have signed three offensive lineman to extensions this offseason (Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, Allen Barbre), as well as re-signed several other players. The team seems to appreciate a lot of their current talent, which could mean that more extensions are on the horizon. While locking up talent for the long haul is enticing, a player must earn that deal with his play on the field.

Philadelphia has plenty of cap space and youth on the team. However, while it's ideal to get some of their own locked up, most of the promising players on the roster won't be eligible for extensions until after this season. That point also highlights another issue with extending too many players before the in-house spending spree that seems to be inevitable for the likes of Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Fletcher Cox and others when the 2014 campaign concludes. Too many moves could lead to less wiggle room in negotiations with Foles, Boykin and others.

If the Eagles have one player that really deserves an extension, it's probably defensive end Cedric Thornton. He was a 16-game starter last season and is set to make just $645,000 this year. The former undrafted free agent has been with the team for three seasons and has two years of quality play under his belt. He is a fantastic run-stopper and was among the team's best defensive players under Billy Davis in his first year in Philadelphia. Signing Thornton to an extension now may save the Eagles money in the long run, as he would likely command a higher salary after two productive seasons as a starter.