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DeSean Jackson seeks revenge against the Philadelphia Eagles

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles don't play the Washington Redskins until Week 3 of the 2014 NFL season. Nevertheless, former Eagles and current Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson is already ready to "turn it up" against his former team. In an interview with NFL Network, Jackson said he can't wait to play the Eagles.

"Regardless if it is versus the Eagles in Week 3, that is highlighted, that is circled on the calendar," Jackson said. "But any time I go on the field, any game I ever play in the NFL ... any time I strap it up and play, I'm ready to turn on versus anybody. But that game will be highlighted and I can't wait to get it on versus whoever we play against. But for sure, that game you already know I'm ready to turn it up." [...]

The Eagles released Jackson earlier this offseason despite the star receiver coming off a career year in Chip Kelly's offense. Kelly said the Eagles released Jackson for "football reasons", but it's easy to wonder if there were more complicated factors in play. Either way, Jackson's release is still something he thinks about on a regular basis.

"I think about that every time I step on the field, especially the legacy I have in Philadelphia and the things I've done for that organization," Jackson said. "I felt like I left back a lot there, but I had to take it to D.C."

I know everyone has DeSean fatigue by now, and the season is still far away... but let's just say I have the feeling Jackson won't be the only one to have Week 3 circled on his calendar. This is going to be a fun one. For somebody.