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Eagles Mailbag: Could Philadelphia have stopped the Giants from winning Super Bowl XLVI?

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Eagles Q&A.

Rob Carr

Welcome to the BGN Mailbag, where I do my best to answer your Eagles questions. Thanks again to everyone on Twitter who sent in a question.

To the Q&A...

@HashtagTFM asks: Do you ever go back and wonder if the "dream team" could've won it all? They were only one game behind the NYG who won the big game. The Eagles were 8-8 and won 4 straight games to finish off the season. Maybe they were catching fire.

Good question. Looking back, the Eagles were probably better than their 8-8 record indicated. They finished with a point differential of +68 which ranked 9th best in the NFL. The problem was that they were careless with the ball. Their -14 turnover differential wasn't cutting it. I don't think the Eagles could have won it all. I do think they were so close to actually making the playoffs and preventing that lucky New York Giants SB run, though. All they needed was one more win...

@Masicone_45 asks: How many defensive linemen do you think the Eagles will carry and who will they be?

Mike Kaye and I both have the Eagles keeping seven defensive lineman in our latest 53 man roster projection. That's how many the Eagles kept last year before they traded Isaac Sopoaga away to New England. Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton figure to be the starting ends. Bennie Logan will be the starting nose tackle. Vinny Curry returns as a key rotational pass rusher off the bench. Joe Kruger spent his rookie season on injured reserve but returns with added weight and strength for Year 2. The Eagles spent an early fifth round pick on former Oregon Duck Taylor Hart. That's a total of 6. The final spot probably comes down to rookie Beau Allen or Damion Square fighting for a backup NT spot. I'll give Allen the edge for now.

@BenNatan2 asks: Any news on DB battles?

Cary Williams and Brandon Boykin seem like the only cornerbacks entrenched in their current roles from last year. Williams, due nearly $6.5M in 2014, is a virtually a lock to be a starter on the outside and Boykin will resume his nickel/special teams role. Some may prefer Fletcher over Williams but I get the sense the Eagles rank Williams higher (again, look at the money). The key battle to watch is Bradley Fletcher versus Nolan Carroll for a starting cornerback job. Fletcher has the edge for now but Carroll has been impressive.

@ChrisTownsend42 asks: Can Ifeanyi Momah realistically make the 53 man roster?

No. Momah definitely looks improved from last year but not to the extent where I see him fitting on the roster. He's currently behind a deep WR group that features Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Brad Smith, Jeff Maehl, and Arrelious Benn. If Momah makes the roster it will be as a depth player. And in order to earn a depth role he needs to prove he can play well on special teams, which is something he hasn't done yet. I could easily see Momah's improvement earn him a practice squad spot, but I just can't envision him on the final roster as of now.

@EliotShorrParks asks: When do the Eagle parents stop regurgitating food and start feeding the baby meat directly?

The young are directly fed the raw meat from the day they are hatched. Eagles do not regurgitate food like some other animals do.