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The Linc - Eagles won't miss Desean Jackson

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/28/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Fan-Demonium: This Is Chip Kelly's Team - Tommy Lawlor,
When a new coach takes over a team, there is always a lot of change. There are scheme changes, which lead to the need for different players. Some veteran players are let go because they are no longer part of the long-term plan. New coaches also like "new blood." They want competition and that means bringing in players to challenge established starters and even role players. Let's take a look at the transition from Andy Reid's Eagles to Chip Kelly's Eagles.

How Good are the Eagles Tight Ends? - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
2013 was supposed to be the year of the TE for the Eagles. There would be 2, 3 or maybe even 4 on the field at once. Chip Kelly was going to wow us all with the way he used his TEs. That didn’t exactly happen. We don’t know exactly why, but Kelly ended up going with a 3-WR attack for most of the year. He did play TEs more later in the season, but still not as much as was expected. One thing is sure, the Eagles don’t lack talent at the TE position.

Eagles won't miss DeSean Jackson - KC Joyner, ESPN (In$ider)
Jackson's main role in the Eagles' offense was to be the vertical threat. According to ESPN Stats & Information, his 905 receiving yards on vertical passes (defined as aerials thrown 11 or more yards downfield) accounted for 38 percent of Philadelphia's production in that area last season. Maclin missed the entire 2013 campaign due to an ACL tear in his right knee, but in 2012 he outpaced Jackson in terms of vertical receptions (47 for Maclin, 42 for Jackson), vertical yards (540 for Maclin, 449 for Jackson) and vertical touchdowns (five for Maclin, two for Jackson). To be fair, Maclin played in 15 games that year and Jackson played in only 11, but even if those numbers are tabulated on a per-game basis, Maclin was nearly as productive as Jackson. Given that his recovery is going quite well (Maclin recently said he feels faster in some ways), Maclin should be on pace to mimic Jackson's role as a downfield target in 2014.

DeSean Jackson won't sever roots - Cord Jefferson, ESPN
The other thing that's bound to arise in any discussion of Jackson's background is that he throws up gang signs in pictures on social media, in his rap videos and during games. "Those were neighborhood Crip gang signs," an LA police detective told, referencing some hand movements he'd seen Jackson make once in a game against the Redskins. While Jackson won't call them gang signs, he will admit to throwing up "hand gestures" in a display of that stubborn loyalty his mother describes. "If I score a touchdown or make a play and my boys at home can see me throwing up the area we're from, that's me showing them love," he says. "They weren't fortunate enough to make it where I'm at. All my friends wanted to be in the NFL growing up, but they weren't able to do that and I was. That doesn't mean I forgot about them. They're my boys, I grew up with them, and I'm going to give them love."

Mosher's Mailbag: More dual TE sets for Eagles? - CSN Philly
Minicamp and OTAs for Chip Kelly, like all coaches, is mainly to get newcomers and draft picks acclimated to the offense and defense. Much of what we see at camps isn’t necessarily what we’ll see come September. The Eagles showcased a variety of different formations during the spring camps, several featuring two tight ends and several featuring at least three wideouts. But you can’t read too much into formations and personnel groupings in May and June.

Rookie quarterback turns to Madden to prepare for NFL training camp | Polygon
Teddy Bridgewater, drafted at the end of the first round by the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, has until July 25 before training camp officially begins. He's getting ready, ESPN reports, by importing the Vikings' playbook into Madden NFL 25 and using the video game to prepare for opposing defenses.

Eli Manning facing Giant expectations in 2014 - SB Nation
Sure, he's got two Super Bowl rings, but what has Eli Manning done for the Giants lately? The pressure's on for the younger Manning brother to turn things around in 2014.

Eagles' Vinny Curry Gives Back - APP
Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry returned to his native Neptune to give a free football clinic for area youths.