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DeSean Jackson's Ironic Bandwagon Fandom Towards LeBron James

Former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson resembles the average sports fan more than you may have realized.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There's a funny, but expected, occurrence that takes places in sports with some of the most talented and polarizing players in their respective leagues. These players become so adored by the fans of the team they're on that they can almost do no wrong. Meanwhile, rival fans can't stand that player. But the funniest part comes when that player leaves the original team and joins another. In an instant, those roles are usually reversed. Fans can be so quick to change their rooting interests.

We saw this happen when the Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson earlier this offseason. Before the idea that Jackson was going to be released entered any realm of possibility, it's safe to say the average Eagles fan would have been quick to defend Jackson. And you can sure bet Redskins fans didn't think too highly of him despite his talent. But as soon as the Eagles released him and he signed in Washington, that all changes. Eagles fans, at least some of them, are now the ones to quickly discredit Jackson. In the eyes of Washington fans, their new receiver is probably perceived to be flawless. Such is the way of sports fandom.

But perhaps the part about this behavior is that it's not just limited to the average fan. DeSean Jackson himself actually illustrates a perfect example of this concept! Look at these Instagram photos Jackson recently posted to his page. Jackson is clearly making an effort to troll NBA superstar LeBron James with internet memes (that's so 2011, by the way).

So I wonder if Jackson was showing these to LeBron when he was hanging out with him before a Sixers game?

Well, maybe not. Look at what Jackson posted after it was announced that James is entering free agency.

We Are All Witnesses Hypocrites.

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