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NFL, ex-players reach revised uncapped settlement in concussion suit

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Gone is the cap on money dedicated to former NFL players suffering from football-related brain injuries.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

When the NFL and former players reached a $765 million settlement in a concussion lawsuit last August, some were quick to criticize the agreement. A total of around 4,500 players were represented in this suit, so the suit came out to around $170,000 per player.

Due to a revised settlement that was announced on Wednesday, that $765 million number is no more. The NFL and former players have reached an uncapped settlement. This means that the proper funds will be available for any retired player who develops a medical qualifying neurocognitive condition.

The uncapped monetary fund is the only difference between this revised settlement and the one from last year. More details via

Consistent with the settlement announced last year, the revised agreement provides a wide range of benefits to retired NFL players and their families, including a separate fund to offer all eligible retirees a comprehensive medical exam and follow-up benefits, and an injury compensation fund for retirees who have suffered cognitive impairment, including dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or ALS. Where the retiree is deceased or unable to pursue his claim, a family member may do so on his behalf. While actuarial estimates from both parties supported the $765 million settlement that was announced in August, this new agreement will ensure funds are available to any eligible retired player who develops a compensable injury. [...]

The agreement also provides that the NFL will set aside $10 million for education on concussion prevention, as well as pay the costs of providing notice to the class and for administration of the settlement.

Final approval could come later this year if the court approves of this revised settlement.