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The Linc - Bad News for Redskins Fans

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/25/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

A fine-worthy moment for every team in the NFL in 2013, in gif form: NFC edition

Murderleg isn't the only kicker in Eagles camp who can mix it up. Here's Alex Henery with a face mask and horse collar on the same tackle. $15,750. #ThugLife.

Make ‘em Special

The Eagles offense was dynamic in 2013. The defense started very slow, but did have a really good extended run later in the season. Remember all the games of holding teams to 21 points or less? What’s missing? Special teams.

WWE's Bad News Barrett delivers some very bad news to Redskins fans

Before he defended his Intercontinental Championship during WWE Raw Monday night, Bad News Barrett delivered some brutally bad news for Redskins fans in Washington, D.C. He told the fans that he was going to embarrass his opponent Dolph Ziggler so bad that he would be forced to change his name, just like "your racist, constantly losing NFL team." Barrett went on to defeat Ziggler to retain his title.

Humbled Momah out to capitalize on 2nd chance

Ifeanyi Momah was humbled. After being among the Eagles' final cuts last year, Momah is suiting up for his second attempt with the team with a new outlook. "You go from having a lot of attention and doing well to not playing so well and you get cut," Momah said after practice at minicamp last week. "Everybody forgets who you are, so it humbles you real quick."

Why Chip Kelly Delegates To Assistants

Before becoming the head coach at Oregon in 2009, Chip Kelly was an assistant for four different college teams.And all along the way, he appreciated that his bosses allowed him to do his job without micromanaging. "No different than in your job," Kelly said. "If your editor takes an article that you turn in and hacks the heck out of it, I'm sure you... you know what I mean. It's the same thing. I think you can give pointers and tips and all those things, but I think any editor will say the same thing: 'God, this guy, I have to keep rewriting his story all the time.' Well, that guy is probably not going to have that job for very long.

In Studio: Trent Cole

One of the longest-tenured players on the Eagles, linebacker Trent Cole joins Dave Spadaro to look back at his 2013 season and why the 2014 campaign could be a special one …

NFL addresses gay issues at Rookie Symposium

The NFL is addressing gay issues head-on this week, and the Rookie Symposium is part of that. Wade Davis has been working with NFL veterans like James Thrash to convey the best message.