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Which college team is the Eagles current football factory?

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The Eagles have shown favoritism toward certain college programs when compiling talent. BGN looks at which universities the Eagles rely on most when filling out their roster.

Maddie Meyer

A lot is made of the "Oregon connection" on the Eagles roster. While the Ducks are heavily-represented on the Eagles roster, there are several other programs that have a prominent presence on the team. Along with Chip Kelly's former stomping grounds, the Eagles have added former Bearcats, Gators, Tigers and others in bunches.

Below is a list of colleges with more than one alum on the Eagles roster:

School Number of Players Players
Oregon 8 Brandon Bair, Taylor Hart, Josh Huff, Josh Kaddu, Wade Keliikipi, Jeff Maehl, Casey Matthews, Will Murphy
Cincinnati 5 Blake Annen, Connor Barwin, Brent Celek, Trent Cole, Jason Kelce
Alabama 3 Evan Mathis, DeMeco Ryans, Damion Square
Florida 3 Trey Burton, Riley Cooper, Jaylen Watkins
Iowa 3 Bradley Fletcher, Matt Tobin, Julian Vandervelde
LSU 3 Kadron Boone, Donnie Jones, Bennie Logan
Missouri 3 Henry Josey, Jeremy Maclin, Brad Smith
USC 3 Matt Barkley, Kevin Graf, Mark Sanchez
Michigan 2 Brandon Graham, David Molk
Stanford 2 Zach Ertz, Ed Reynolds
Texas 2 Emmanuel Acho, Donald Hawkins
Vanderbilt 2 Jordan Matthews, Carey Spear
Virginia Tech 2 Roc Carmichael, Davon Morgan
Wisconsin 2 Beau Allen, Chris Maragos

Obviously, Oregon is the top school in this category. There are eight former Ducks on the 90-man roster. However, only 2-3 are expected to make the final squad. Behind Oregon is Cincinnati, which has five alums on the roster. The most impressive part of that collective is that four of those former Bearcats were starters last season for the Eagles and project to continue those roles this year.

While Oregon and Cincinnati can claim the Top 2 spots on the roster, six teams each have a respectable three former players in Philadelphia. Alabama, Florida (Howie Roseman's alma mater), Iowa, LSU, USC and Missouri all have trios on the team. Six other universities have at least two alums on the Eagles roster.

Which college do you think has produced the most for the Eagles current and past rosters? Tell us which school and why down below!