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World Cup 2014: Eagles Players React to USA vs. Portugal Draw

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn't watch the USA take on Portugal in the 2014 World Cup on Sunday evening, you missed a really good game. You also missed a really good punch to the gut at the end.

After a Dallas Cowboys-esque defensive breakdown by the USA's back line, Portugal scored an easy goal in the opening minutes of the game. The USA would go on to shoot a number of good chances but miss every time. That is, until later in the match when Jermaine Jones hit a beauty of a shot to tie the game 1-1.

A tie meant good position for the USA, but a win meant clinching advancement to the next round like the Eagles did when they beat the Cowboys in the final regular season game of the 2013. USA then scored the go-ahead goal via Clint Dempsey and everyone went CRAZY.

And then just when it looked like USA was going to hold on for the win in the final seconds of the game, midfielder Michael Bradley weakly lost possession of the ball and Portugal went on to attack down field. Cristiano Ronaldo kicked the ball into the box for his teammate in Eli Manning-like fashion (chuck it up and hope something good happens) and of course, Portugal headed one in for the tie. I imagine the excitement was sucked out of the air just like when the Eagles beat the Giants in the Miracle at the Meadowlands Num-ber Two. This time, though, we were all on the side of disappointment.

Luckily for the USA, all is not lost. The odds are still in their favor to advance. Read about all of those scenarios here. And in even better news...