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Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley scheduled to work out with pitching guru Tom House

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Philadelphia Eagles second year quarterback Matt Barkley is scheduled to work out with pitching guru Tom House this summer.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to a SiriusXM NFL Radio interview, Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Matt Barkley will be working with former MLB pitcher and National Pitching Association founder Tom House this offseason. House (no, not that House) himself stated as much during the interview.

Barkley won't be alone. House mentioned that a number of other QBs will be joining him (up to half of the NFL's starting QBs, he claims). Among those NFL quarterbacks who have worked with House in the past include notable names such as Tom Brady and Drew Brees. House developed his guru reputation over the years working with legendary baseball pitchers such as Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan.

For more information on House, check out this article from 2012.

"I'm a rotational-athlete evaluator," House said. "Pitching, quarterbacking, tennis, golf, hitting ... all rotational athletes have the same timing, the same kinematic sequencing -- hips, shoulders, arms and implement. And depending on the verbiage, the same mechanics as each other. It's all the same, in order of importance: timing, sequencing and mechanics."


House's decades of experience with pitchers, combined with his rare high-tech equipment, help him detect and correct even the tiniest inaccuracies. He captures all the data by sticking tiny sensors all over the quarterback's body. When the quarterback throws, a computer is able to render a three-dimensional stick-figure representation detailing every phase of his motion, and the 1,000-frame-per-second cameras help both player and coach see what happens in a nanosecond.

This is an encouraging sign for Barkley, who's drawn recent criticism for his performance in Eagles OTAs and minicamp.'s Jimmy Kempski noted Barkley's arm strength has been lacking, to which Barkley disagreed with and responded on Reddit.

While working out with House will hardly guarantee an increase in Barkley's performance, it certainly can't hurt. It's good to see Barkley putting extra work in and looking for an edge. Barkley, who's entering his second year, is currently battling for the backup QB job along with veteran signal caller Mark Sanchez.

You can listen to a clip of House's SiriusXM NFL Radio appearance in the SoundCloud player below.

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