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The Linc - Philadelphia Eagles Players as Superheros

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/21/2014.


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Let's get to the links...

Eagles minicamp practice notes: Jordan Matthews, Nick Foles continue to impress - JimmyK,
There are times during practice in which I find myself liking some of Nick Foles' incompletions. For example, there was a play over the middle in which the defender had cut off the receiver's route, and Foles mental clock was ticking down. The receiver had all but stopped running and faced the QB. They were positioned sort of like this, and the target is where Foles threw the ball, with velocity. (Eagles' offense wears green.)

More on Chip and Culture - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
There is no disputing that Kelly is going to do things his way. However, Kelly is more open-minded than most coaches. He seeks out different ways to do things. Kelly loves to understand how and why something works. He isn’t a believer in taking things for granted. Kelly is willing to listen to other coaches (college and pro), his assistants and even his own players. Kelly doesn’t see himself as the guru of all gurus. He’s smart enough to know when to borrow ideas from others.

Taking Stock Of the Eagles’ Draft Picks - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
Marcus Smith – The first-round pick is focusing on the ‘Jack’ spot for now. Smith looks the part – long and athletic with the ability to drop back into coverage and line up in a variety of spots. That said, he got most of his reps with the third team this spring. It’s going to take some time for Smith to learn the position and move up the depth chart. The guess here is he’ll continue to learn the Jack and eventually move up to the second team behind Connor Barwin this summer. Once the season starts, he’ll likely be a rotational player, sometimes replacing Barwin (who can slide over to Trent Cole’s Predator spot) and other times replacing Cole.

Comic Con: Why Is Jason Peters The Hulk? - Alex Smith,
Thursday may have marked the end of Eagles minicamp, but it also marks the beginning of another event in the city. Philadelphia’s Wizard World Comic Convention will be taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention center Thursday through Sunday. Fans will flock to the event, many dressed head to toe like one of their favorite heroes or villains. That got us thinking: which Eagles players share something in common with characters from the sci-fi or comic universes? Here are five Eagles (plus an added, bonus Eagle) who possess some super qualities …

Chip Kelly Update: Sports Science or Sports Voodoo? - Mark Saltveit, Fishduck
So why would a playoff team such as Philadelphia keep him around? It’s becoming clear that this is Chip Kelly’s style as an NFL coach. He’s freed from the endless recruiting of high school prospects, a task he clearly disliked, and no longer has to scheme around a team full of undersized players — a curse Oregon is unlikely to shake any time soon. Everyone likes to quote Chip’s mantra, "Bigger people beat up little people," but it’s not as simple as that. Coach Kelly also wants fast, smart and versatile players.

Unselfish Jordan Matthews saying all the right things - Reuben Frank, CSN Philly
A reporter made the mistake of asking Jordan Matthews on Thursday about personal goals for the upcoming season. "You must have some?" Matthews didn’t answer as much as he glared at the questioner and then mumbled, "I don’t," and then his voice trailed off into something unintelligible. You’ll never get Matthews to talk about himself. Which might be the most impressive thing about the young wide receiver from Vanderbilt. He seems to have no ego.

Jury out on Eagles - Marcus Hayes, Daily News
What they cannot know, of course, is how well they have replaced the talent and leadership they lost in Michael Vick, Jason Avant and, of course, lightning rod receiver DeSean Jackson. Perhaps the Eagles will be able to gauge that better in a month at training camp, when the heat and the hitting begins. Perhaps they won't know until after preseason games; or, more likely, until after the season's first month.

NFL salary cap collusion case goes back to court - RVB, SB Nation NFL
The NFLPA's claim that the NFL secretly enforced a $123 million salary cap in the uncapped 2010 season once seemed like a settled matter. However, a Federal Appeals Court ruling gave the issue a new lease on life.