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Eagles OTAs: Jeremy Maclin says he's OK following brief injury scare

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Maclin went down in practice but he said he's OK.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin says he is fine after a brief injury scare during the team's Monday OTA practice.

The incident occurred on the last play of practice. The Eagles were running redzone drills and third year quarterback Nick Foles targeted Maclin the end zone. Maclin got his hands on the ball but dropped it and was inadvertently contacted by a cornerback after the drop. Maclin fell on the ground and didn't get up for a little bit, seeming holding his knee.

The entire practice field went silent and everyone looked over at the fallen Eagles receiver. Shortly after, Maclin got up and walked towards the team huddle on his own power. He was walking with a slight limp but nothing major.

On his way out from practice and back into the Eagles facility, Maclin was asked if he was OK. His response: "Yeah, I'm good." It was a scary moment for Maclin and the Eagles, especially considering Maclin suffered an ACL injury last year during the a team training camp practice.

It seemed like the coaching staff reminded players to go easy on the contact after that drill. It looks like the Eagles dodged a bullet here.

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