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Eagles Minicamp Practice Notes: Brandon Boykin makes plays, LeSean McCoy wears sweatpants

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Here's what I took away from today's Eagles minicamp practice.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles held their second mandatory minicamp practice open to the media on Wednesday and I was there to soak it all in. It was a fairly long practice (nearly two hours or so). Keep in mind that these are all still non-contact drills at this point. Players aren't allowed to wear shells yet. There's only so much to be gleaned from players running around in shorts, but here's what I observed.

• Weather update to start us off: another really hot one out there. Very windy, too.

• Eagles head coach Chip Kelly spoke before practice. He'll speak again before practice on Thursday. More on that later.

• The Eagles start off practice with position drills. Here's an example of one that the running backs do where they're fighting resistance on a leash that's being pulled.

• As I noted earlier, it was very hot today. For some reason that didn't stop star running back LeSean McCoy from wearing sweatpants. Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson only wears sweatpants in the cold. Does that make Shady the better running back? While I can't say for sure... yes. Yes, it does.

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• Eagles WR Jeff Maehl, who missed some time earlier in OTAs, was not practicing today. No word on why. He was wearing a uniform and stood on the sidelines while watching practice.

• Getting back to McCoy, I saw him drop a pass today. He had one yesterday. So he's definitely human. He also broke some nice runs but that's hardly news.

• Remember how I said it was windy today? Well, I tweeted about that during practice and the very next play Donnie Jones shanked a punt that seemed to get caught in the wind. My bad, Donnie. At least the challenge of the wind gave the Eagles returners a good test.

• The first Eagles QB I've seen to hit one of the bug wing defenders in practice was... Nick Foles. Michael Vick hit those a number of times last offseason. Foles may have hit it once or twice, so it's kind of a surprise.

• For the second straight day, second year QB Matt Barkley took some reps with the second group. Sanchez seemed to take more there but it's interesting to see Barkley getting mixed in. At one point Barkley made a gorgeous throw to Chris Polk running a wheel route down the sideline. Perfect. The next play wasn't so good. Barkley targeted a WR on an out route and Curtis Marsh jumped it for a pick. A number of reporters (Jimmy Kemspki and Adam Caplan, for example) have been discouraged by Barkley's performance in these offseason practices. I'm not down on him as they are. Still, Barkley needs to be better.

• G.J. Kinne (who I still greatly appreciate) looked over matched when facing the first team defense. Two straight plays where he couldn't get rid of the ball.

• Rookie WR Josh Huff continued to get repetitions with the second group. He was originally running with the third team.

• The Eagles worked on running plays quite often. At one point the first team was up and ran six or seven runs before the second team took over and ran a few runs as well.

• Arrelious Benn continues to look healthy. That's good to see.

• One under the radar talent that's been productive on the third/fourth group: B.J. Cunningham. He's very much a long shot but he's made some good catches in these practices.

• Yesterday I noted how good Nick Foles looks when rolling out to his right. He rolled to his left today during one play and the result was a poorly thrown ball over the middle that dropped incomplete. Obviously this is expected since Foles throws right-handed. Other than that, not a bad practice for #9.

• Speaking of not bad practices, Mark Sanchez didn't make an egregious errors by my watch today. He only had one "WTF" throw where no receiver was in the area. It's clear he's not 100% comfortable in this offense yet. I imagine time could help with that.

• Chip Kelly must not have been satisfied with the tempo of practice after one play because he started yelling at everyone to get back to the line of scrimmage and get the next play off. You can bet that every player sprinted back and did as the coach commanded.

• Brandon Boykin made a great effort to break up a short pass in traffic. Then he broke up another. Yawn. Malcolm Jenkins also broke up a pass for the second straight day.

• Post-practice JUGS update: I saw Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Boykin, Zach Ertz, and Emmanuel Acho spending some extra time to work on their hands. If memory serves, I've specifically noticed Ertz doing this more often than I saw him last year.

Up next: The Eagles only have one more mandatory minicamp practice this week.

Remaining Eagles offseason workout schedule:

Mandatory Minicamp: Thursday, June 19.