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Is USC the top school for producing NFL quarterbacks?

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Are Eagles quarterbacks Matt Barkley and Mark Sanchez part of an elite collection of college passer or are they just a product of quantity over quality?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have two USC quarterbacks on their roster, which more is than any other team in the NFL. With that said, the two are alums of the top producing university of college quarterbacks, according to's Bryan Fischer. The Trojans have produced an astonishing 11 NFL quarterback draft picks over the last 25 years.

USC has outproduced the likes of FSU (8), Michigan (7) and LSU (7). From Rodney Peete to Barkley (ironically, both have played for the Eagles), former Trojans have sported impressive pedigrees and even bigger hype. Their names are big, but for the most part, their production has been pretty unspectacular. Of the 11 USC quarterbacks to be drafted in the last 25 years, only two have made the Pro Bowl. Between Matt Cassel and Carson Palmer, USC quarterbacks have been considered all-stars just three times during that span.

Fischer lists Michigan has USC's runner-up in the new "QB U" countdown. While the Wolverines have produced just seven passers in the draft as oppose to USC's 11, they did host Tom Brady's college career. Brady is a nine-time Pro Bowl selection and Brian Griese and Elvis Grbac both played in the 2000 all-star game. That brings the Wolverines' total to one future first-ballot Hall of Fame passer and two more Pro Bowl quarterbacks to go against the Trojans' two all-star signal callers.

Also on the countdown are the aforementioned FSU and LSU programs as well as Stanford, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan State and NC State. Those schools produced the likes of E.J. Manuel, Matt Flynn, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Tebow, Matt Stafford, Drew Stanton and Philip Rivers. One could argue that Rodgers, by himself, should put California ahead of USC in the countdown, which makes the debate a matter of quality or quantity.

Which school do you think is the new QB U? Do you consider quality more important than quantity when making the decision?