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The Linc - Nick Foles says Jeremy Maclin is Better

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/18/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Nolan Carroll: 'Big difference' between pace of practice in Philly compared to Miami - Jimmy Kempski,
In March, the Eagles signed CB Nolan Carroll in free agency away from the Dolphins. Carroll has now experienced practices both under Philbin, and with the Eagles under Chip Kelly. When I began to ask him if the practices in Miami were similar to the practices in Philly, Carroll cut me off.

Instant Answers - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Eagles fans get a ton of practice reports, from OTAs to mini-camps to Training Camp. Who’s good? Who’s struggling? Some writers love this stuff, while others do it because they have to. Fans certainly eat it up. They want to know how all the players look. The problem is that context is sometimes lost. Fans and media don’t always know what to look for. They can often focus on results while coaches and scouts are looking more at skill and talent. Matt Barkley’s best throw in a practice could be an incompletion. The receiver might have run the wrong route, making Barkley look bad. The writer will note the incompletion, while the coach may love the throw.

Boykin can't overcome tall order - Mike Sielski, Inquirer
Boykin spent most of last season as the Eagles' slot cornerback, and because he played so well there, people often ask whether he'd rather play on the outside or whether the Eagles plan to move him there. "A million times this offseason," Boykin said. People should stop asking, not because Boykin is tired of the questions but because there's no point to them. Unless one of the Eagles' starting cornerbacks, Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher, gets hurt, Boykin is staying in the slot. He's pretty much stuck there, in what's perceived to be a less prestigious role, and it has nothing to do with his talent or his speed or his work ethic. It has to do with his size and the Eagles' defense, and the realities of the present-day NFL.

Foles On Maclin: ‘I Think He’s Better’ - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
"Gut feeling, I think he's better," said Foles. "Mac is one of those guys, he doesn't want to just get back to where he was, he wants to be better. When you go through injuries you have to face adversity, you're mindset, you have to go through a lot. The way he handled everything last year, he did a great job of it to where he's got even more strength -- whether it's mindset, wherever -- where he can push it even harder. I think he is better than he ever was. Throwing to him on the field and seeing him run and catch, I think he looks great."

Minicamp: Three Under-The-Radar Eagles - Bo Wulf,
Much of the focus throughout the Eagles' array of spring practices and leading into this week's minicamp has been either on the likely starters or on the newcomers, be they rookies or free-agent acquisitions. But the amount of work put in this offseason has also been especially helpful for a group of returning veterans who are looking to take their next step in the program. Here are three players who joined the Eagles at separate points in 2013 – one signed in the early stages of free agency, one rookie signed in the summer and one veteran was signed off another team's practice squad.

Confidence should make Riley Cooper even better - Mike Wisniewski, CSN Philly
Listen to wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell talk for a few minutes, and you'll get the sense he's expecting big things from Riley Cooper this year. No doubt the entire organization is. After Cooper's breakout 2013 season, the Eagles signed the four-year wideout to a five-year, $25 million contract in February with $8 million guaranteed while letting three-time Pro Bowler DeSean Jackson walk to the rival Redskins.

Darren Sproles is a RB, is still likely to finish ’14 with more receptions than rushing attempts - Andrew Kulp, The700Level
A few weeks back, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly stressed that Darren Sproles is, in fact, a running back, and not a wide receiver. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur reiterated Kelly’s stance when reporters were allowed to meet with assistant coaches on Monday. The funny thing is we probably don’t need these offensive masterminds to explain the difference between a back and a receiver. Sproles is listed as a running back on the roster. That’s good enough for me.

A 'Redskin' Is the Scalped Head of a Native American, Sold, Like a Pelt, for Cash - Baxter Holmes, Esquire
That is what it is. That is what it always was. The origins of 'Redskin' were worse than we'd imagined. Do you feel differently about it now?

NFL will allow 'Sideline Viewing System' on electronic tablets - Jeff Gray, SB Nation NFL
Teams will be able to trade out the black-and-white printout photos of pre-snap formations for color, HD images on tablets.