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NBA Finals 2014: Spurs beat the Heat, Eagles players react on Twitter

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Tim Duncan is the best.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NBA Finals ended on Sunday night when the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat by a score of 104-87 to take Game 5 and close the series. The Spurs, who were just seconds away from winning a championship in Game 6 during the 2013 Finals, played lights out this series and got the job done this time around.

Among those watching the Spurs win a ring were a number of Eagles players, who are undoubtedly big fans of basketball. Here's how they reacted to the game:

There's no doubt that Leonard balled out and deserved to win the Finals MVP award. Crazy to think he's only 22.

Boykin, who's a Heat fan, sure wasn't happy with how this series played out.

Lane's sentiment is funny... but I wouldn't call the Spurs underdogs by any stretch.

Pretty much.

The Spurs are pretty talented so I wouldn't say this is an either-or situation, but to Maragos' point the Eagles seem like they're emphasizing a culture of chemistry and teamwork based on the players they've brought in (and removed).

Former Eagles TE Will Shaw was ripping on the Heat all night long.

Can't disagree with Carroll here. I'm no Spurs fan by any stretch but Tim Duncan is my favorite player in the NBA. Pretty great to see such a hard-working and talented player win his fifth title. Duncan doesn't always get the credit he's due but the accomplishments here don't lie:

Bennie Logan wrapped things up with the best tweet of the night:

Only 12 more weeks to go...