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Evan Mathis Teaches Pro Football Talk a Lesson

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Mathis: 69, PFT: 0.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis pulled a pretty great prank on Thursday night that was revealed early on Friday morning. You've probably already seen it by now so I won't explain it at length. A long story short: Mathis posted a picture of fake dinner bill with a caption of "Teaching rookies a lesson" as a hoax hazing prank. But Mathis didn't just do this to have fun. He did it to teach the "rookies", ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio in this case (among others), a lesson.

Florio wasn't amused by the harmless prank.

And more:

Good one, Evan.  Now grow up. Whether it’s lying to one reporter or lying to all of them, the lesson is that no one should listen to anything Mathis ever has to say, if he’s going to continue to engage in the pro athlete equivalent of having pizzas delivered to his next-door neighbor. That’s hilarious.  When you’re 12. Regardless of what any players or fans think of the media, the media has a job to do, just like everyone else.  What Mathis has been doing is no different than a member of the media standing on the sidelines and shining a laser pointer in his eyes as he’s trying to prepare for the snap. That’s also hilarious.  When you’re 12.

So much for "untwisting words and removing the B.S.", huh?

Long live Evan Mathis.