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The Linc - Eagles Bullying Needs to Stop!

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/14/2014.

Maddie Meyer

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Let's get to the links...

Evan Mathis and the Eagles' vets are bullies, and they must be stopped - JimmyK,
This time, the bill was in excess of $64,000, and amazingly, the first letter of every item on the tab spells out "ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS-ROSHAMBO." Several additional media outlets were fooled into thinking that Mathis was serious. Or was Mathis just kidding? did some investigative journalism, and obtained video of various Eagles hazing incidents over the last decade.

Sports Science Talk - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
I mentioned Sports Science in a recent post and that created a lengthy discussion in the comments section. This is a bit of a mystery topic since the Eagles are very guarded with the information they share, but we do know a few things. All 32 teams do strength and conditioning. All 32 talk about nutrition and the ways to improve your body. The point of Sports Science is that Chip Kelly takes it to the next level. He literally has tried to make it into a science.

Barton: ‘When It Hits Me, Tears Will Come Down’ - Josh Paunil, Birds 24/7
When the Eagles’ team huddle broke to end Tuesday’s OTA, dozens of players walked toward the NovaCare Complex’s main building that houses the locker room. Walking alone in the other direction was offensive lineman Karim Barton. He slowly traveled about 50 yards with his helmet in hand and his green jersey drenched in sweat, passing many teammates along the way. He stopped at the two-person orange blocking sled on the outskirts of the facility to get additional work in.

Kelly says not to read too much into OTA activities at QB - Les Bowen, Daily News
THE WAY reporters watch Eagles organized team activities - only occasionally and even then from a distance - it's hard to reach conclusions about where Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley stand in the battle to become quarterback Nick Foles' primary backup.

News, Notes And Things I Think - Dave Spadaro,
Here is a receiver nobody talks about, but one who could make a jump in the summer: B.J. Cunningham. He's got size and he knows the scheme and in the times I've seen him at practice he has caught everything thrown his way. Wouldn't shock me to see him make a real run at a spot on the 53-man roster.

Del Frisco’s wouldn’t print a fake receipt so Evan Mathis was forced to make one. Here’s how he did it. - The700Level
It may not have taken $64k from his bank account but a lot of effort went into the photo you saw. We reached out to Mathis via Twitter and asked how he made the receipt. He told us he first went to Del Frisco’s on Wednesday night and "asked if they could print out a fake receipt. It wasn’t possible so I scanned my dinner receipt." "I created all the data," he told us. "Sent it to my friend who has PhotoShop skills. Then I just printed it out and folded it to the right size."

The IRS should audit Evan Mathis for faking a receipt - PFT Commenter, SB Nation NFL
Well well well. The merry prankster Evan Mathis has really done it this time fokls. He went ahead and betrayed that sacred trust that we as human being all have to have for one a nother to not trick journalists into calling for your job, head, and money. I hope your happy Evan. I really do. Not only did you not pay for that big dinner but you also didnt pay for mine which I spit out instantly after seeing that NFL players were paying more for there meals then I feel is appropriate.