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The Linc - Eagles Offensive Breakout Candidates

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/13/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Three Eagles breakout candidates: Offense edition - JimmyK,
In the 2013 regular season, Ertz had 36 catches for 469 yards and 4 TDs. On the surface, those look like "OK" numbers for a rookie, but they're much better than most might think. Below is a list of the top 15 tight ends in receiving yardage in 2013. The statistics in the chart show what they did during their rookie seasons in the NFL. If you plug in Ertz (who was not among the top 15 TEs in receiving yards in 2013), he would rank second in rookie receiving yardage. There are a lot of tremendous players here.

Three Thoughts On the Eagles’ Offense - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
The tools are in place to do many of the same things. The ground game should once again be prolific with LeSean McCoy and a strong offensive line. The inside zone will be the Eagles' bread and butter, but they'll mix in other run plays depending on the week and the opponent. Assuming health, there's little reason to believe Kelly will make major changes with the running attack. The biggest challenge will be maintaining the success with the downfield passing game now that DeSean Jackson is gone.

Josh Huff Finding His Way In The NFL - Danta Klaus,
Josh Huff played under Chip Kelly at Oregon and has a strong bond with his coach, who served as a mentor on and off the field, but what happened in college does not mean much when it comes to proving yourself at the NFL level. While many outside observers may feel that Huff’s roots at Oregon give him a more favorable advantage in establishing himself with the Eagles, the rookie knows better.

Henery refining his technique - Jake Kaplan, Daily News
But while it's tough now to gauge performance without live action, the right leg of Alex Henery will surely garner its share of attention between the end of OTAs this week and the Sept. 7 season-opener against the Jaguars. Five months removed from a less-than-stellar performance in the postseason loss to the Saints, Henery finds himself in competition for his job going into his fourth NFL season.

For Lane Johnson, familiarity is paying off - Matt Allibone, CSN Philly
He’s not the new guy anymore, and for Lane Johnson, that’s perfectly fine. A year after he entered OTAs as the Eagles' first-round pick (and fourth overall selection of the draft) and quickly found himself thrown into the starting lineup, Johnson feels much more relaxed this time around.

Comparing Chip Kelly to Gary Kubiak—what could possibly go wrong? - Tom Jackson, EaglesEyeBlog
Today I wanted to take a look at the offensive system Chip Kelly has installed, and try to compare it to what Gary Kubiak had success with at Houston before the wheels came off the Texans’ wagon. I think there are some basic similarities.

Which NFL team is best at building through the draft? - James Brady, SB Nation NFL
The best method for building a winning team is largely up for debate. We've seen teams make Super Bowl runs on the back of strong free agency periods, and we've seen sustained success over a number of years thanks to strong selections in the later rounds of the NFL Draft. It's not an exact science, though every general manager in the league certainly has his opinion on how it should be done.

Kelce Porn - ChipWagon
Enough said.