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Evan Mathis Tweets Picture of $64,055 Dinner Bill

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Troll, troll, troll your boat.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Remember last week when second year Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson tweeted out a picture of a $17,700 dinner bill with the caption of "rookie dinner"? Well, of course you do. Johnson, along with center Jason Kelce, were asked about the bill earlier this week. While some perceived the bill to be a form of rookie hazing where the team's newest players were forced to pay for the veterans, the Eagles lineman explained that wasn't the case. Johnson said he wanted to pay for his teammates and it wasn't a big deal. He also noted that some veteran players, including Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans, contributed to the bill. End of story.

Or not. Evan Mathis, who's known for being a Twitter Genius, posted the following photo on Twitter tonight:

But before you get all huffy about it... (ahem) should probably realize that Mathis is just trolling (as always). If you don't believe me, just take a look at this Mathis tweet from earlier today.

Don't get it twisted: this is (probably) a real bill and that's a lot of money to most people. But it's obviously not being forced upon rookies. And it's really not a lot of money to the multimillionaires who are splitting the total.

Another flawless victory for troll master Evan Mathis.

[UPDATE 6/13 9:10 AM]

Evan Matthis, Twitter Genius.