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Philadelphia Eagles Depth Chart 2014 as Projected by Pro Football Focus

Do you agree or disagree with how this depth chart is laid out?

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Last week, everyone's favorite NFL performance grading site Pro Football Focus compared all 32 rosters and ranked them. The Philadelphia Eagles finished 5th, and there was much debate about how they ranked certain players. Today that debate rolls on as PFF released their projected Eagles depth chart for the 2014 NFL season. Here's what it looks like:

2014 depth PHI

The Eagles have three ELITE players on the offense in LeSean McCoy, Evan Mathis, and Jason Peters. 53.6% of the Eagles is comprised with "Good Starter" or better. 85.7% makes up "Average Starter" or better. There's only one "Poor Starter" quality player and that's Eagles backup QB Mark Sanchez.

As you can see, none of the Eagles rookies are projected to start. This could change with Jordan Matthews taking over the WR3 spot in due time. Most of them are slotted as backups at key positions for now.

I would make a few changes to this chart if I was in charge. The biggest issues I have, however, involve the WR3 spot (as I just mentioned) and the fact that Donnie Jones is listed as a below average starter. Even if Matthews doesn't take over as the slot WR right away, Brad Smith has also been taking reps with the first group during the team's OTA practices. As for Jones, well, he's Donnie Freaking Football. A total of 40.2% of Jones' punts were downed in the opponent's 20 yard line. Jones' 33 punts downed inside the 20 set a team record. Jones' 40.5 net punting average also set a franchise record. Not so sure what's below average about that.

PFF also offered some thoughts on their chart, starting with Eagles QB Nick Foles.

With an impressive touchdown-to-interception ratio in 2013, many will question why quarterback Nick Foles is only an above average starter. Yet as good as that was, he was lucky to see so few passes picked off with some poor throws in there. Still, he finished the season strong and if he can continue like that in 2014, he’s likely to move up by the time the year is out.

Read the entire article here for more explanations.

So what do you think of this PFF projected depth chart? Accurate? Off base? In-between?