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Eagles rookie Jordan Matthews on Chip Kelly: "I couldn't ask for a better coach." (Video)

Also find out why Jordan Matthews is afraid of elephants.

There's been a lot of hype surrounding Philadelphia Eagles rookie receiver Jordan Matthews for his on-field performance recently during the team's OTA practices. Matthews is equally impressive in the way he carries himself off the field, however. For only being 21, he's a pretty impressive interview.

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein had the pleasure of interviewing Matthews at the 2014 NFLPA Rookie Premiere a few weeks back. Dan asked Matthews a number of questions, including what he thought his new coach in Chip Kelly.

His personality is great. Coach Kelly, he just treats you like you're a professional. So he's like 'Look, you're a grow man now. You're playing the NFL. Get the job done. Make sure you're on time to meetings. Make sure you go out practice, do what you gotta do each day.' And when he comes and tells me something, it's a coaching point, I take it to heart, and then I just go forward with my day. So I love it. He's great relaying messages and I just couldn't ask for a better coach.

Matthews also talked about the transition of moving from the south (Tennessee) to the north in Philly.

The transition hasn't been too different. I definitely sound more... very Southern. You know what I'm saying? More like country roots. I could see my, your house from two miles away, that's where I'm used to growing up. So being in a big city like Philadelphia, it's a little different. But if I had to go to any city, it's the city of Brotherly Love, so there's still that southern hospitality that's up in the north so I like it a lot.

Lighting round non-football Q&A:

• Which animal that is not commonly a pet do you want as a pet? A monkey (butler).

• Superpower you most want? Flight.
• Animal you're most scared of? Elephants.

• Non-sports website you visit the most: Twitter.

• What should your Madden rating be? No answer, but JMatt said his hands and speed rating better be good.

Watch the whole interview with Matthews above.

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