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Jordan Matthews Hype is Ramping Up


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

To say that Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews has caught the eye of media members in attendance during the team's OTA practices, myself included, would be an understatement. Matthews has caught every ball thrown his way and that's impressive considering how often he's targeted. It's also apparent that Matthews' incredible work ethic in college has translated to the NFL. He truly gives it his all and that's apparent when you see him running an extra 20 yards after a play ends.

However, the Matthews hype train hit new levels on Tuesday when BGN alumnus and current writer Jimmy Kempski tweeted the following.

And as I said shortly after, I really can't disagree with Jimmy's evaluation. To be fair, Kempski did temper his first tweet with the fact that veteran players such as Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper may be taking it a little easier in practice considering it's only June. But that didn't stop the national media from running wild with Matthews hype. Take a look:

And of course the local guys (myself included) have been involved as well:

Ok, so that last one by McLane was a joke. But I can tell you that this quip from the Eagles starting QB was certainly not in humor:

See? True love.

Despite the recent increase in attention, there's always been some buzz surrounding Matthews. BGN already contributed to the hype machine by looking at his Offensive Rookie of the Year odds. And then there was the whole "Is Jordan Matthews better than Sammy Watkins?" comparison.

It's easy to see why people are getting excited. For one, it's the offseason and there's not much else going on. And like I said earlier, Matthews has looked impressive in Eagles OTAs. My only fear here is that the expectations for Matthews are already reaching a level where he's bound to fall short. Trust me, I'm high on Matthews and I expect him to do very well in Philadelphia. But let's give the guy a chance to play first before he's crowned the next great thing. Temper those expectations.

(Or don't and just go crazy instead running around yelling AHHHHHH JORDAN MATTHEWS!)

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