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The Linc - Trent Cole Isn't Done Yet

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/11/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles OTA practice notes: 6/10/14 - JimmyK,
The Eagles ran a drill in which the running backs were tethered to each other by a large stretchy rubber band-like object. The idea is to give the runner added resistance. When Darren Sproles runs the drill, it almost looks like he's a toddler tethered to his parent at the mall.

Monday Night Misc - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Foles isn’t a special talent, but he at least does understand what it takes to try to get to that level. You need to acknowledge your mistakes and work on them. You need to improve the things you do well and try to do them even better. Don’t let good enough be good enough, as Bill Parcells liked to say.

Chip Kelly's Offense Presents Biggest Challenge to NFL Defensive Coordinators - Matt Bowen
Breaking down Chip Kelly’s offense in Philadelphia (with a focus on the core concepts), I have no problem calling this a West Coast-spread system in both the run and pass game. However, given the amount of formation disguise, pre-snap movement and "read" schemes that show up on the film, the Eagles can dictate the flow of the game with their uptempo style while creating matchups (and stress) for the opposing defense. Today, let’s discuss how Kelly’s playbook impacts the game prep from a defensive perspective using some examples from the Eagles’ All-22 tape.

Eagles' Cole believes he's got a lot left at 31 - Zach Berman, Inquirer
Cole's future in Philadelphia beyond this season is undetermined, but he is set to be a starting outside linebacker in 2014. His position changed when coach Chip Kelly arrived and he now plays five pounds shy of his listed weight of 270 pounds. Yet Cole insists he can produce at a high level, even if age is often an uncompromising opponent.

James Casey looking to prove his value for Eagles - Kevin Rossi, CSN Philly
"I think I am very valuable in whatever role they see me as on the team," Casey said Monday after practice during OTAs. "I know I’m expecting to contribute greatly on special teams and I’m hoping to get some opportunities on offense, too."

Burton Hoping Versatility Leads To Roster Spot - Josh Paunil, Birds 24/7
Backup Eagles tight end James Casey is also similar to Burton in terms of versatility, and he's helping the rookie navigate his way around the offense. "James has taken me under his wing," Burton said. "He's been helping me a lot with technique, teaching me some tricks of the offense and showing me the ropes." Burton's athleticism and explosiveness are undeniable, and while he still faces an uphill climb to a roster spot, his skill set could appeal to Kelly.

Second-year NFL players who must improve in 2014 - Jeff Gray, SB Nation NFL
For some second-year NFL players, 2014 will be about avoiding the dreaded sophomore slump. For others, it will be the opposite problem: they got their slump out of the way as rookies and are hoping to live up to their draft position the second time around. Let's take a look at seven guys who will be called on to increase their production after rocky first seasons.

NFL players: height & weight over time
Using NFL player profiles, Noah Veltman of the WNYC data news team has made a simple but beautiful interactive showing how the weight and height of players has changed over the past 84 years.