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Meet Eagles Center Jason Kelce this Friday

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You can meet Eagles center Jason Kelce in person this Friday and eat some free food while doing it. Read on for more details.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wanted the chance to meet Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce? Of course, the answer to that question is probably "Yes." Kelce is not only a great player on the field as the team's starting center, but he just seems like a fun-loving guy. So here's your chance to meet the Eagles bearded wonder (weather pending).

WHO: Jason Kelce and Dietz & Watson and you!

WHERE: Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia, PA

WHEN: 11:30 AM EST through 1:30 PM EST.

WHAT: It's a cookout. Jason Kelce will be serving lunch free of charge to Eagles fans who show up. The lunch features franks and sausages from Dietz & Watson. Free food! Plus Kelce will be posing for photos with fans and playing a few rounds of beanbag toss between his shifts working the grill.

WHY: Meet Jason Kelce. Eat free food. Need I say more?

I should mention that I overheard Connor Barwin after Eagles practice today say he's going to be at the event, so I would imagine some other Eagles may be attending.

I'd go to this event myself but I'm not going to be able to make it. I'd love to see someone from BGN attend, take pictures, hang out, and write up a FanPost about the event. So definitely go and have a good time.