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The Linc - Trey Burton Worth Keeping an Eye On

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/1/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles notes: Chip Kelly's 6'11, 400 pound linebacker - JimmyK,
When asked if Brandon Graham had ideal size for an outside linebacker in the Eagles' defense, Chip Kelly revealed during his Thursday press conference that he wants excessively large outside linebackers. "Ideally, I would want someone who is 6'11, who weighs 400 pound," explained Kelly. Here's a lineup of the Eagles' top OLBs -- Connor Barwin, Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, Marcus Smith II, and a theoretical 6'11, 400 pound OLB -- drawn to scale.

Nick Foles Gets It - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Nick Foles blew everyone away with his 2013 season. He tied an NFL record with 7 TD passes in a game. He posted one of the highest QB ratings in NFL history. Foles finished with 27 TDs and just 2 INTs. That was truly a great season. We don’t know how Foles will play in 2014. Teams will adjust to him. Foles will make adjustments of his own. And so on. One thing we do know is that Foles gets it.

Brandon Graham, Four Years Later - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
With Graham still in Eagle green, the question becomes: how does he fit? At Thursday's practice he was running with the second team at right outside linebacker behind Trent Cole, while first-round pick Marcus Smith played LOLB with the third team. There's no reason Graham can't be part of Billy Davis' rotation, especially while Smith gets a acclimated to the NFL. During the first year of his transition from defensive end to outside linebacker, he played just 27 percent of the snaps per Pro Football Focus and finished with four sacks and 18 hurries.

Eagles offer Sanchez a chance to start over - Mike Sielski, Inquirer
When it comes to Mark Sanchez and the five years before he became an Eagle - that is, the five years he spent with the New York Jets - there's no single moment that could define his career. You just stick your hand in the vat and pull something up, and the scenes and anecdotes and circumstances are all endless and interesting and revealing.

PST: Can Foles repeat last season's production? - CSN Philly
Nick Foles did just about everything last season. In a breakout year, Foles led the NFL with a 119.2 quarterback rating, the third-best mark in NFL history, while his touchdown-to-interception ratio (27-2) was the best ever by an NFL quarterback. He didn't start a game until Week 6 and he'll enter his third NFL season at 25 years old. Can the Eagles' quarterback somehow duplicate his 2013 production?

Trey Burton: A Different Type Of Player - Alex Smith,
Linebacker Connor Barwin is known as the "Jack" (as in Jack of all trades) of the Eagles defense because of his unique ability to do a number of different things at a high level. He can rush the passer, set the edge on run plays or drop into coverage on any given play and he can do all of those things well. Shortly after last month’s NFL Draft came to its conclusion, the Eagles added a player who can potentially fill a similar role on the offensive side of the ball. Rookie free agent Trey Burton may be officially listed as a tight end, but that’s only because there’s not enough room to write "Swiss Army Knife" next to his name on the 90-man roster.

Six takeaways from latest edition of Top 100 - Gregg Rosenthal,
If you want to crown Nick Foles now, then crown him. But he is not who you think he is. Not yet anyhow. Foles was revealed as the No. 70 player on Wednesday's episode of NFL Network's "The Top 100 Players of 2014." That's ahead of Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick and Matthew Stafford. Only 10 quarterbacks are ahead of Foles. Putting Foles at the same level as those quarterbacks is premature at best. (It's also early to say Foles is at the same level as veterans like DeSean Jackson, Jason Peters and Cameron Wake, who were revealed on the list this week.) Those guys have arrived. We are still figuring out how good Foles can be, and whether he's even a quarterback Chip Kelly will build around for years to come.

Roger Goodell has already punished Jim Irsay - PFTCommenter, SB Nation NFL
SMH at the NFL for denying Jim Irsay the chance to host the biggest and best party in football ... the Super Bowl.