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NFL Draft 2014: Reactions to the Eagles selection of Josh Huff

The Philadelphia Eagles used the No. 86 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on WR Josh Huff. Eagles fans and media alike reacted. Read on to see how it turned out.


BGN Comments:

JasonB: Chipper. He’s got position versatility. Will be a standout special teamer. Can return kicks. Very physical

hozae21: Stupid. Desir on the board and we should’ve taken nix instead of trading for a 4th and a 5th. Wtf

MannaFromKevin: I don't know anything about college players but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

PhillyEagles20: I love this pick. This offense is gonna be even better than last year’s.

chucklesxcore: callin it now. Mathews is slot this year. After next year Mathews moves to the outside and huff takes,over the slot. Regardless, you can never have too many receivers. Love it!

tscabbia: Versatility is the key word. Huff lines up all over the filed, he is just not a slot guy. Watch tape on him, they use him as a RB, slot guy, outside, reverses – they are becoming a incredibly versatile and unpredictable offense right now and its great to see! You have Maclin that can stretch the field, Matthews a size guy with great YAC, Cooper another size guy, Huff and Sproles lining up all over and 2 beast TEs. Chips getting his toys baby!

Jerz: I like the pick but I think it’s time for another CB…Our defense was on the field the most of any team because of how fast CK scores points. Another LB wouldn’t hurt either.

PeaceVT: Very intriuging pick. Chip Kelly wants guys in space and he wants to move guys around- very interesting that Chip chooses one very well rounded guy and one niche "open space" guy. This offense is going to become even more unique soon.


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