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Marcus Smith's Message for Eagles Fans: "Sit back and relax"

Philadelphia Eagles first round draft pick Marcus Smith met with the Philadelphia media for the first time on Friday afternoon. Here's what he had to say.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

By now the Philadelphia Eagles' first round selection of Marcus Smith has been discussed at length. Some fans are still upset with the Eagles' choice and they have made it known. Smith is aware of the fan disappointment and his message to the fan base is simple:

"Sit back and relax."

That's probably not too much to ask of Philadelphia fans, right? Well, maybe not. But he's right. As I said earlier in the day, it's nearly pointless to rush to conclusions before Smith gets the chance to show what he can do. Now, I am not suggesting people aren't allowed to be disappointed. It's no secret that not everyone is agreeable. That said, it's only fair to give Smith a chance before the labels of "bust" and "wasted pick" and "reach" get out of control. Relax.

More highlights from Smith's introductory press conference below.

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