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2014 NFL Draft: Falcons tried to trade up with the Eagles at No. 22

The trade that never was...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the Eagles traded back from No. 22 to No. 26 while acquiring a third round pick from the Browns. Cleveland drafted quarterback Johnny Manziel, but things could have gone differently due to another potential trade partner. The Falcons tried to trade back into the first round with the Eagles, according to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport. The Falcons were looking to pick former Auburn pass rusher Dee Ford, who was taken at No. 23 by the Chiefs.

While it is unclear what the Falcons offered the Eagles, the move would have definitely involved the No. 37 pick, which would have been a 15 selection slide for the Eagles. Either Philadelphia didn't get nearly the compensation required for such a trek backward or they just didn't want move back that far regardless of the return. The Eagles went on to pick Louisville pass rusher Marcus Smith with the No. 26.

This news of a possible massive trade back may draw the ire of some fans, as Smith has been considered a reach by some. The issue with that thinking is that if the Eagles wanted Smith, there was no assurance that he would be available at No. 37. However, it' also proves that the Eagles had multiple offers for their initial pick, but got major value for trading back just four spots. The Saints were forced to give the Cardinals the team's third round pick in order to move up seven spots, which was three more than the Browns jump.

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