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NFL Draft 2014: Eagles' Marcus Smith Pick Caused Strong Reactions

The Philadelphia Eagles used the No. 26 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on OLB Marcus Smith. Eagles fans and media alike reacted strongly. Read on to see how it turned out.

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Chip Kelly: "We think he’s an outstanding athlete. Got recruited to Louisville as a quarterback. He’s a big kid. He’s transitioned to the OLB position. He’s got a huge upside. Great athlete. Ran 4.68, he’s got speed coming off the edge. We thought having a pass rusher was a big thing for us. Young kid to bring in behind Trent [Cole] and Connor [Barwin]. His ceiling is very, very high. We’re excited. He’s a tough, hard-nosed football player. New to the position. Similar to Lane Johnson -- you’re getting a guy who’s a huge upside because he hasn’t played the position very long."

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BGN Comments:

StoneCollerKill58: Vomit. You better know something we don’t Chip…

RogueConvict: Don't love it, don't hate it. Guess we’ll have to see how he does.

Casper Jasper: I hate it. It’s ineffective. If you’re set on Smith, you trade back and pick up some extra picks. He wasn’t about to fly off the board.

Cowboy KILLER: IN CHIP WE TRUST. I hope Howie knows what he’s doing…

rohan915: Maybe we should wait till he actually you know plays

bleedinggreen4life: This is unbelievable. What an offseason mess!

InVickWeTrust:  I truly believe Andy Reid snuck into the war room and made one of his infamous High Character, High Motor guy picks…

IwantVick: The pass rush was horrendous last year, so I’m not about to criticize the pick. May have been a reach, only time will tell, but no reason to get upset about it. Also picking up the extra 3rd was big.

IronLion35: Surprising, but I like Smith a lot. I’m not sure this is as much of a reach as you guys think. Just because he wasn’t hyped as a first rounder doesn’t mean he isn’t a first round talent.

LiBrarian Booker: The pick is in... and it’s decidedly unsexy. A guy who seems like he’ll have to work to get a starting position. I don’t know…all I can say is definitely not something you can get excited about.

SIC BARREL: I am 100% satisfied with the pick Marcus Smith was one of my favorite prospects in the draft, I did not think he would be picked at 26 via a cle trade that landed johnny manziel but the unexpected should be expected in the NFL draft; so they need a 3 4 outside LB and they got him, im cool with it, all the fans need to realize the media and NFL execs really differ on their opinions and I trust Chip and co.

PeaceVT: On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being burn down the Linc, 5 being meh, and 10 being draft boner, I'll go with a 4 on this. Mildly annoyed. I think we got worse value than a majority of other teams but I also think Smith could be a pretty good NFL OLB in a couple of years.


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