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2014 NFL Draft TV Announcer Bingo

The downtime between draft selections isn't always exciting. But it can be.

The Philadelphia Eagles draft 22nd overall this year, and if they don't trade up then hours will pass from the start of the 2014 NFL Draft until they are on the clock. Most teams will take the majority of the 10 minutes allotted to them, allowing the television announcers covering the draft to make bold proclamations that are regurgitated cliches while they wait for the next pick. They will proclaim a particular General Manager is a genius, or that a guy who hasn't played a down in the NFL will lock down a starting spot for the next decade, or that the stock of a player is falling when the reality is they overrated him in the first place. Their commentary is so predictable, we can literally make a game of it: Draft Bingo.

Scroll through the 20 images above and pick your card. First person to win gets a prize.*

*There is no prize. Have fun!

Thanks to @KeeepSwinging for contributing to this.

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