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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft live blog: Rumors, trades and more

The Eagles are set to select a prospect at the No. 22 spot but will they stay put? We have all your draft rumors, trade information and more with up-to-the-minute updates on Bleeding Green Nation.

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Welcome to Bleeding Green Nation's 2014 NFL Draft live blog. This feature will host constant updates regarding draft rumors, trade updates, hot takes and more, while also serving as an open thread for discussion. The Eagles are set to pick at No. 22, but will they stay put? Stay tuned to BGN for the latest regarding Eagles moves and others made around the league.

[6:45 p.m. EST] We are just an hour away from the 2014 NFL Draft and the first pick in what may be the most anticipated selection process to date. A record number of underclassmen are available in this class, which features perhaps the strongest wide receiver group ever. I will be hosting this live blog throughout the first round and will be offering updates on draft rumors, trades, nuclear hot takes and more. I will also be offering short pick-by-pick analysis as well. It is going to be a long and (hopefully) fun ride tonight, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

[6:52 p.m. EST] The talk around the Eagles this past week has been that they were looking to trade up. Well, here is some news from Geoff Moser of CSN Philly:

Keep in mind, this isn't an indication of trading up necessarily. It could also mean that the team has investigated trading back.

[7:05 p.m. EST] Here is some potentially sad news for Anthony Barr and Kyle Fuller fans. NFL Media's Ian Rapoport is dishing out some news on the pair of players, which may not be a good sign for the Eagles. Take it with a grain of slate because it could smokescreen.

Fuller makes a ton of sense for the Steelers, but Barr to the Lions seems odd. They would likely use him around the defense. Also, Deion Sanders believes that "conversating" is a word.

[7:12 p.m EST] Always the good eye, our pal Jimmy Kempski on the Jeff Fisher interview with NFL Network:

[7:25 p.m. EST] A bit of my own reporting:

[7:42 p.m. EST] Not sure how I feel about this but it's what I am hearing:

[7:55 p.m. EST] Anthony Barr news:

[8:00 p.m. EST] Here we go friends! Houston is about to be on the clock. Enjoy this one and we will give you news and analysis after every pick!

[8:12 p.m. EST] Who says that Chip Kelly dislikes the media?

[8:15 p.m. EST] With the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select Jadeveon Clowney. This is a great pick despite Clowney playing defensive end in college. Romeo Crennel is a wiz at getting the most out of his pass rushers. He and Watt are going to be scary for the next decade if all goes according to plan. Clowney may not be a generational talent, but he is certainly a rare one. He is ridiculously talented and will produce if he has motor on. It's time to work big fella.

[8:25 p.m. EST] With the second overall pick, the Rams select offensive tackle Greg Robinson out of Auburn. Ty Burrell of "Modern Family" handed in the card to the commissioner. That's cool I guess. Robinson has so much upside and can play tackle or guard. Jake Long has proven to be injury prone, so it was important that the Rams covered themselves. Robinson has a lot of Orlando Pace to him and Rams faces will absolutely love him. He is inexperienced as a starter but he will be molded into a killer blocker. He is dominant with the run game.

[8:32 p.m. EST] WOW! With the third overall pick in the draft, the Jaguars have a new quarterback and he is a local! Blake Bortles is their new play-caller and he is likely to be Chad Henne's backup for a little while. This one is a bit of a shocker. I went to college in Jacksonville and that kid is going to own that town. He's from two hours away, so this is likely a local move. He was my fourth rated quarterback and I think this a pick based all on potential. Interesting to see where Johnny goes. Bortles will need time but he has all the physical traits of a pro passer.

[8:33 p.m. EST] WE HAVE A TRADE!!!! The Buffalo Bills have move from No. 9 to No. 4 after dealing with the Cleveland Browns. Browns head coach Mike Pettine was the Bills defensive coordinator last year and that likely helped facilitate the deal. The Bills are now the proud owners of Sammy Watkins of Clemson. The Bills gave up next year's first round pick and fourth round pick to move up five spots. It's a lot but Watkins is the best wide receiver to enter the draft since A.J. Green. This is awesome! I like that the Bills didn't use a pick from this draft. Still, Browns getting another first next year. Think Manziel at No. 9 makes sense.

[8:40 p.m. EST] This draft is speeding by like wow. The Oakland Raiders have taken linebacker Khalil Mack with the fifth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The Buffalo product is a special pass rusher and will likely play same in the Raiders defense. He may be a small school kid but he has big time talent. He is relentless and super talented. He is essentially a Von Miller like guy. I like his tape from last year more than Clowney's by a mile.

[8:47 p.m. EST] Re: Bortles to Jaguars. Daniel Jeremiah is still stunned.

[8:49 p.m. EST] With the sixth pick in the NFL Draft, the Falcons make the right choice and selected Texas A&M offensive tackle Jake Matthews. The guy is going to be a starting tackle in this league for years and is the definition of "plug and play." Solid pick. Matt Ryan is pretty happy right now.

[8:58 p.m. EST] Sorry to crush your dreams, but with the seventh overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay has selected Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans. Vincent Jackson and Evans are essentially clones of one another and are a scary combo for any team to face. He is has unreal talent but I question his maturity.

[6:00 p.m. EST] Immediately after the Bucs pick, the Browns traded up one spot with the Vikings to make a move. We are waiting on the compensation.

[6:05 p.m. EST] Whoa! Cleveland traded back five spots and then up one spot to select Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert. Not a huge fan of this pick and not sure why Cleveland felt the need to trade up. I am not big on Gilbert but he has the size and athleticism to make a mark opposite Joe Haden. They only gave up a 5th round pick but still...

[6:10 p.m. EST] Sorry again to report that Anthony Barr has gone to the Vikings at No. 9. Barr is a "boom or bust" guy, with a ceiling of Aldon Smith and a floor of Aaron Maybin. He scares me to death but Mike Zimmer is a brilliant defensive coach. Better them than the Eagles.

[6:15 p.m. EST] The Lions have added an awesome offensive player. Barry Sanders called out North Carolina's Eric Ebron when it was Detroit's pick. He had a really good emotional moment. Good for him. Best tight end in two years to come out. He will be a monster with Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford out there.

[6:22 p.m. EST] The Titans have selected Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan. He and Michael Oher will pair up to become bookends. Michael Roos is likely on his way out. Lewan is absolutely nasty and he will protect whoever plays quarterback.

[6:30 p.m. EST] As I reported earlier at 7:25 p.m., the Giants loved Odell Beckham and they got him with the No. 12 overall pick. He's a great route runner and has great hands, but fails to get a ton of seperation on tape. Should be interesting with Eli Manning's tendency to turnover the ball.

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