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2014 NFL Draft: BGN's 30 Bold Predictions

We are almost there. Now it's time to guess!

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The draft is just days away and instead of giving you a mock draft that will be mostly wrong, BGN wants to give you something different. That's why Dave Mangels and I have decided to bring out some bold predictions. These are clearly not all going to be right and honestly, some of them we hope they aren't going to happen. That said, these are predictions based on following the process, past drafts and our individual philosophies.

Below are the predictions. Feel free to share your's in the comments section. Enjoy!

1. A quarterback will not go in the Top 5. (Dave)

2. There will be a foreign-born player drafted by the 2nd round. (Mike)

3. The Eagles will draft five offensive players. (DM)

4. The Eagles will draft at least three underclassmen. (MK)

5. The Eagles will draft a running back before they draft a pass rusher. (DM)

6. Every one of the Eagles pick will come from either the ACC, SEC or the PAC 12. (MK)

7. The Chiefs will take a quarterback in the first round. The Browns will not. (DM)

8. The Rams will draft Johnny Manziel if he is available at 13. (MK)

9. The Patriots will trade up into the teens. (DM)

10. Oakland will at least three trades on draft weekend. (MK)

11. The Titans will trade up and draft a quarterback. (DM)

12. At least one former first round pick quarterback will be dealt for a Day 3 pick. (MK)

13. The Giants will draft a quarterback in the first two rounds. (DM)

14. Louis Nix will fall to the third round. (MK)

15. The clock will expire before a team makes a selection. (DM)

16. At least two teams will draft three wide receivers. (MK)

17. The Bears will draft a wide receiver in the first round. (DM)

18. At least two green room invitees will last until the 2nd round. (MK)

19. The Colts will trade their 2nd and their 2015 1st round pick for a 1st round pick. They will draft an offensive lineman. (DM)

20. Four offensive tackles will go in the Top 10 picks. (MK)

21. The Redskins first pick will be a wide receiver. (DM)

22. Dion Jordan will get traded, but not to the Eagles. (MK)

23. The Jaguars will not a draft a quarterback. (DM)

24. Tom Savage will go to the Patriots. (MK)

25. Cleveland will trade up for Johnny the 2nd round. (DM)

26. The Eagles will trade back at least once and trade forward at least once. (MK)

27. The Saints will draft a tight end in the first or second round. (DM)

28. Mike Mayock will get in a dick-measuring contest with Daniel Jeremiah at some point on Saturday. (MK)

29. With no quarterbacks yet selected, the Raiders will trade back and then take an offensive lineman. (DM)


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