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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Peter King Has the Eagles Trading Up for Odell Beckham Jr.

Check out our 2014 Eagles mock draft central for more opinions on who could be the #22 pick in May.

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On Monday, Peter King of The MMQB revealed that the Eagles are targeting a trade up in the 2014 NFL Draft to land a wide receiver. The name he's heard the most is Odell Beckham Jr. with Marqise Lee being a backup plan if the Eagles stay at No. 22. On Tuesday, King released a mock draft that stayed consistent with what he originally had to say.

15. Philadelphia: Odell Beckham, WR-KR, LSU

(Acquired from Pittsburgh for first- and second-round picks.)

A bit of a risky move, because the Eagles probably could have stayed at 22 and gotten Marqise Lee, another object of their affections. But the versatility of Beckham—who can play outside and slot and on returns—makes him a good replacement for DeSean Jackson. And cheaper.

Giving up 22 and 54 in exchange for 15 seems like it could be too rich for the Eagles' blood here, but I've always liked to keep an eye on King's mock drafts ever since he was one of the few who correctly predicted the Eagles would select Danny Watkins in 2011. Could have just been a lucky guess, but who knows.

Here's my theory about what King's hearing: he's not completely off-base. The Eagles might actually have some interest in trading up. I'm just not sure it's for Odell Beckham Jr. That's not meant to be a slight against him. Beckham is a fine player. I just think the Eagles wouldn't be leaking their true target. Perhaps Brandin Cooks could be the player they're targeting because it's hard to see him falling to No. 22 at this point. Or maybe it's someone else entirely.

Only two more days to go.

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