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Is Andy Reid Helping the Eagles with a Trade Down Opportunity?

According to reports, the Kansas City Chiefs may be interested in drafting a quarterback. Could this affect the Eagles' draft strategy?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid seems to be enjoying his time in Kansas City. Despite a first round playoff exit, the Chiefs experienced a good first season under Big Red. But even though he's over a year removed from Philadelphia, it appears Reid might be indirectly helping his former team in the 2014 NFL Draft. Allow me to explain.

According to various national media reports, it appears the Kansas City Chiefs could be in the market for drafting a quarterback. Kansas City already has Alex Smith under contract at $7.5 million in 2014, but he's scheduled to be a free agent after the season. It could be in both parties' best interest to work out an extension for Smith before the start of the new season. Ian Rapoport reports those negotiations aren't going well, however.

What does this have to do with the Eagles? Well, the Chiefs are scheduled to pick at No. 23 and they only have six picks (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6). They might not have the ideal ammo to trade up very far, so they could be forced to sit tight and hope a QB falls to No. 23. They also can't rely on getting a passer in the second round because they don't own a pick there. With teams in need of a QB knowing that the Chiefs are sitting tight at No. 23, they may feel the need to jump ahead of Kansas City. And what better way for a team to do that with a trade up to the Eagles' pick at No. 22? Trading down could also make sense for Philadelphia because they only own six selections in what's expected to be a deep draft.

Then again, it remains to be seen if this Chiefs report holds any weight. As Arrowhead Pride suggests, it's very possible Kansas City is just trying to leverage Smith into a new contract. But for the Eagles' interests it doesn't necessarily matter if it's true. What's important is that other teams think it's possible the Chiefs could take a QB at 23.

So if the Eagles are truly interested in trading down, Andy Reid just might be indirectly helping Philly find a trade partner. Thanks, Andy.

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