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NFL Draft 2014 Rumors: Eagles Targeting Wide Receiver In a Trade Up

LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. could be a trade up target for the Eagles, according to a rumor.

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With the 2014 NFL Draft only a few days away, the rumors surrounding one of the biggest days on the NFL calendar are already in high gear. As always, these rumors aren't to be taken completely at face value. Misinformation is the name of the game at this time of the year. However, that dosen't always means that the rumors are without any truth to them. In any case, let's take a look at what's being said about the Eagles.

This rumor comes from Peter King of The MMQB.

No. 22, Philadelphia.

Keep hearing they want in on the prime receiver action, and the receiver they want could be LSU’s Odell Beckham, who can play outside, inside in the slot and as a returner. But the Eagles would have to trade up, and GM Howie Roseman is doing his due diligence, talking to at least two teams in the mid-round neighborhood when Beckham would likely go. But the cost could be too rich for the Eagles’ blood. They may have to settle for Marqise Lee, who would be some consolation prize.

This isn't the first time the Eagles have been mentioned as trade up candidates. Earlier this offseason it was rumored the Eagles were interested in trading up for Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans. Evans, often viewed as one of the top two receivers from this draft class, might be out of reach for the Eagles. However, LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. could be a more realistically attainable target. Marqise Lee is mentioned as a fallback plan. King suggests the Eagles want to move up from No. 22 into the middle of the round in order to get their guy.

The potential problem with an Eagles trade up is that they are already limited on draft picks. Due to the Darren Sproles trade, the Eagles enter the 2014 draft with only 6 selections. For what it's worth, Eagles GM Howie Roseman did say last week that the Eagles are not afraid to trade up. The Eagles could package their first along with a mid-to-late round pick in order to move up a few spots.

Beckham Jr. has drawn some interest from the Eagles during the pre-draft period. He met with the team in Philadelphia for an official pre-draft visit and  LSU's pro day was one of the many that Kelly attended. Beckham was also one of the players Kelly recruited while back at Oregon.

The Eagles haven't been shy to make their interest in this year's wide receiver class well known. Roseman himself has suggested the Eagles will walk away with "at least" one receiver from this class. Given the depth of the class, it may not seem to make sense for the Eagles to trade up. Then again, Roseman did say he expects at least ten receivers to be drafted in the first two rounds. The Eagles may feel they need to be aggressive in order to avoid missing out on their target.

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