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BGN Mock Draft: Best and Worst of Picks 21-30

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The picks from 21-30 in the 2014 BGN Community Mock Draft have all been posted. Let's take a look at some of the best and worst picks so far as determined by the approval polls.

Best pick: Kyle Fuller at No. 25 to the Chargers

Worst pick: Jimmie Ward at No. 21 to the Packers

An entire recap of picks 21-30 below. Click here to see the grades from picks [1-10] and [11-20].

21) Green Bay Packers - Jimmie Ward, S, NIU - [Pick]

GM: ablesser88
Poll: 30%

Not a lot of love for Jimmie Ward here but I think he will go higher than expected.

22) Philadelphia Eagles - Marqise Lee, WR, USC - [Pick]

GM: jhn
Poll: 70%

Here's the one everyone wanted to see. It's a well-reasoned pick that makes a lot of sense. The Eagles have shown more interest in Lee than any other prospect. Hard to imagine Chip Kelly disappointed walking away with Lee at No. 22.

23) Kansas City Chiefs - Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU - [Pick]

GM: PeaceVT
Poll: 85%

Well, it's not like Eagles fans have ever disagreed with an Andy Reid draft pick.

24) Cincinnati Bengals - Bradley Roby, CB, OSU - [Pick]

GM: deg0ey
Poll: 45%

Roby is one of the most polarizing cornerbacks from this class so I'm not surprised to see the approval poll split here. I happen to think it makes sense for Cincy.

25) San Diego Chargers - Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech - [Pick]

GM: StoneColeKiller58
Poll: 87%

Great in-depth write-up for this pick. The closest approval poll to challenge Clowney at No. 3 so far.

26) Cleveland Browns - Darqueze Dennard, CB, MSU - [Pick]

GM: P_Roach17
Poll: 52%

The Browns already drafted their QB at No. 4 so Mike Pettine couldn't resist taking a defensive player later on.

27) New Orleans Saints - Kelvin Benjamin, WR, FSU - [Pick]

GM: bebin
Poll: 40%

I can see why a wide receiver makes sense here but I'm just not sure about KB as a first round prospect.

28) Carolina Panthers - Jason Verrett, CB, TCU - [Pick]

GM: MikeKafka
Poll: 53%

Seems like a best player available kind of pick with 6 receivers and 4 offensive tackles already off the board.

29) New England Patriots - Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota - [Pick]

GM: Amateur_Hour
Poll: 56%

I can't remember seeing a mock draft where the Patriots aren't taking Hageman. The Pats could really use an answer at NT.

30) San Francisco 49ers - Ryan Shazier, LB, OSU - [Pick]

GM: AndyMcNabb
Poll: 45%

I'm surprised that Shazier fell this far. This pick seems to create a logjam for the 49ers at inside linebacker but it could be a case of taking the best player available. It feels like the 49ers will be trade up candidates in the real draft.

Up next: Final two picks on Monday: Denver and Seattle. Then a recap of the entire BGN Mock Draft on Tuesday including the announcement of this year's winner.

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