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Eagles Spelling Bee: Most Misspelled Player Names

Misspell names no longer!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 edition of the Scripps National Spelling Bee finished up a few days ago on Thursday and two winners were declared: Ansun Sujoe and Sriram Hathwar. In the spirit of spelling, I thought it would be in everyone's best interest to look at some of the most commonly misspelled players names on the Eagles so that we can correct those mistakes. Here are some of the most troublesome names to spell on the Eagles roster.

Correct: Brandon Boykin

Incorrect: Brandin Boykin, Brandon Boykins

Note: We will also accept Brandon BoyKING

Correct: Beau Allen

Incorrect: Bo Allen, Beau Allan

Correct: Brandon Bair

Incorrect: Brandon Bare, Brandon Bear

Correct: Michael Bamiro

Incorrect: Michael Bomiro

Correct: Bryan Braman

Incorrect: Brian Braman

Correct: Jon Dorenbos

Incorrect: John Dorenbos

Correct: Zach Ertz

Incorrect: Zack Ertz

Correct: Najee Goode

Incorrect: Najee Good

Correct: Alex Henery

Incorrect: Alex Henry

Correct: Todd Herremans

Incorrect: Todd Herrimans

Correct: Emil Igwenagu

Incorrect: Just about any other attempt to spell his name

Correct: Damaris Johnson

Incorrect: Damarius Johnson, Damarus Johnson, Demetrius Johnson,

Correct: Mychal Kendricks

Incorrect: Michael Kendricks, Mychal Kendrick

Correct: G.J. Kinne

Incorrect: K.J. Ginne

Correct: Daytawion Lowe

Incorrect: Daytwon Lowe

Correct: Jeremy Maclin

Incorrect: Jeremy Maclyn, Jeremy Maclane, Jeremy Mclane, Jeremy Maclan, Jeremy Macklin

Correct: Ifeanyi Momah

Incorrect: Ifanny Momah

Correct: Carey Spear

Incorrect: Cary Spear

Correct: Cary Williams

Incorrect: Carey Williams

Correct: Earl Wolff

Incorrect: Earl Wolfe, Earl Wolf

.....and let's not forget about some important Eagles alumni:

Correct: Asante Samuel

Incorrect: Asante Samuels, Aante Asamuel,

Correct: Brian Dawkins

Incorrect: Brian Dawkings, Brian Dawkin

Correct: Duce Staley

Incorrect: Deuce Staley, Duce Staly

Correct: Isaac Sopoaga

Incorrect: Isaac Spooky

Correct: Jeff Lurie

Incorrect: Jeffrey Laurie


Note that some of these are way more common than others. The Samuels/Boykins one is especially frequent. I've seen Damaris Johnson's name butchered a million different ways as well. Emil Igwenagu's name is just flat out hard to spell. But now none of you have any valid excuses to ever misspell their names again because the correct answers are all right here. Enjoy your cheat sheet.

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