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Eagles OTAs: Jeremy Maclin Returns to the Field

The Mac is Back.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A little less than one year removed from an ACL injury that caused him to miss the entirety of the 2013 NFL season, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has returned to the practice field without limitations.

"[He's] doing everything.  Full go.  Been in every drill," head coach Chip Kelly confirmed.

"Since day one we reported back I've been out there with the team doing everything that they're doing. It's kind of come routine to me now," Maclin added later on Thursday.

Kelly is happy with Maclin's progress so far.

"Mac's doing fantastic.  One of the things I loved about all three of those guys [Maclin, Benn and Phillips] is every single day in the offseason last year, or in season last year, they were here, we have them.  They got right to it immediately after the surgery.  All three guys are cleared, full go out there.  You'll see them running around.  And Mac's doing a really good job, just getting back familiar with it.

I was really excited about how he would fit into what we do because of what he can do.  And then to lose him that early in camp was disappointing.  You got a taste of him.  But having him out there full speed running out there right now, he's doing a really good job."

Maclin's debut in Chip Kelly's offense may have been delayed by a year, but it's still just as intriguing as before. There's no question Maclin has been a good receiver during his career. He is among a group of only nine WRs in league history to record at least 55 receptions and 750 yards in each of his first four seasons. He is also one of just five WRs to ever reach 250 catches, 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns before his 25th birthday.  Despite Maclin having a breakout year in 2010 with 964 receiving yards (plus 36 rushing) and 10 TD, many are quick to point out he's never reached the arbitrary 1000 yard receiving mark in a single-season.

Perhaps that will change this year in Kelly's offense friendly system. Maclin returns to a wide receiver group where he is immediately one of the best options now that DeSean Jackson is gone. He's also paired with third year quarterback Nick Foles, who's coming off a great season and has the chance to build on those efforts. It's also worth mentioning Maclin and Foles seemed a nice rapport during Foles' rookie season in 2012. While the game winning touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stands out the most, Maclin recorded 37 catches for 479 and 3 TDs with Foles at the helm. That roughly projects to around 99 catches for 1277 yards and and 8 TDs if the pair played together for 16 games together instead of 6 games.

Maclin, who signed a one-year deal worth up to $6 million earlier this offseason, once again enters a contract year. There's already been some talk of a potential in-season extension considering Maclin reportedly turned down a five-year offer from the Eagles in favor of the shorter contract. If all goes according to plan, it will likely be in both sides' best interest to work out a new deal.

Considering Maclin is full healthy and ready to go, things are already off to a good start.

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