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Don't Troll Matt Barkley on Twitter

Barkley turns trolls into the trolled.

Rich Schultz

Don't troll Matt Barkley on Twitter.

That's the lesson to be learned after a UCLA Bruins fans tried to troll the former USC and current Eagles quarterback. The fan was calling out Barkley for having a bad arm, comparing his accuracy to that of a terrible ceremonial first pitch thrown by rapper 50 Cent at a recent Mets game.

Here's how it all started:

See, that's just unnecessary. If you want to make a joke at Barkley's expense, that's your right. But tagging his handle to ensure he sees it is another thing. Barkley had no problem dealing with this, though:

Got him.

This is hardly the first time Barkley has displayed his ability to deal with Twitter trolls. Check out this tweet from last year:

So, like I said, just don't troll Matt Barkley on Twitter. He'll leave you as the one looking foolish.

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