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Dion Jordan Trade Rumor Gets Cold Water Thrown All Over It

Probably time to move on.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dion Jordan to the Philadelphia Eagles just (probably) isn't happening, folks.

Many have probably reached this conclusion by now. The ones who haven't moved on are still caught up in the fact that the Eagles tried to trade for the Dolphins' pass rusher earlier this offseason. Heck, Jordan's name came up in trade speculation as recent as yesterday (Monday 26th). But it's all for naught and here's why, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reporting from Dolphins OTAs:

Dion Jordan, the Dolphins first round draft pick, looked as if he took an air pump and plugged it into his arms and shoulders this offseason. That's how big he looks.

Jordan said he's "a little over 265" pounds now.

"I was definitely too light to go out there against some of those offensive tackles," Jordan conceded.


Dolphins coach Joe Philbin admitted the team considered using Jordan as an OLB this year but decided against it. To hear the coach explain it, coaches don't want Jordan thinking about covering zone or man when he should be chasing the quarterback.

So he's a defensive end.

Jordan has clearly bulked up for his role as a defensive end. His added weight doesn't suggest it's impossible for him to play as a 3-4 OLB, but at this point he's no longer a misfit in the Dolphins defense.

The Jordan trade never made much sense for the Dolphins anyway. It wouldn't have been very cap friendly for Miami (even factoring in a post-June 1 deal). Plus giving up on a No. 3 overall pick after just one season isn't too common. And what do the Eagles have that the Dolphins really want? The truth is that if the trade was ever going to happen, it would have already been done by now.

The Eagles are moving forward with the returning starters of Trent Cole and Connor Barwin and first round pick Marcus Smith waiting in the wings.

Time to forget Jordan (probably) if you haven't already.

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