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The Linc - Next Brian Dawkins

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/25/2014.


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Let's get to the links...

A Year Ago - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Last May we were doing a lot of speculating since Chip Kelly was new to us and the NFL. A lot has changed in that year, but it is kind of interesting to look back.

Short term setbacks and My Response to Tommy Lawlor - Brent Cohen, EaglesRewind
First, I have not made any projection for this team yet.  It’s very possible that after examining each factor in more detail, I’ll come to a different conclusion. However, it’s foolish to do such an analysis now.  There are simply too many things that can happen between now and the start of the season.  Moreover, we’ll get more information about specific players as we move through the summer and training camp.  Once that’s all finished, I’ll have an "official" projection that probably looks a lot like what I did last season.

Weekend Reading: Matthews, ’11′ Personnel And Graduating - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
After the Eagles drafted Jordan Matthews, Chip Kelly said immediately that the team planned on using him in the slot to replace Jason Avant. There’s been talk in recent weeks about the possibility of no Eagles rookies starting in 2014. But considering how much the Eagles use ’11′ personnel, whoever plays the slot should be considered a starter. Before the 2013 season, some predicted Kelly would go to more of a 2-TE offense. But considering what a good blocker Avant was, the 3-WR package was the personnel grouping of choice. If Zach Ertz improves as a blocker in Year 2, we could see more 2-TE sets. If Matthews proves to be a capable blocker, though, chances are it’ll be a lot of ’11′ personnel once again.

Patience Pays Off For Davon Morgan - CMac,
"Where do you want me to start?" Defensive back Davon Morgan earned a spot on the Eagles' 90-man roster following a tryout during last weekend's Rookie Camp. The 25-year-old Morgan was granted a rare opportunity to even tryout after being out of the NFL for over two and a half years. The only football Morgan has played since being released during the New York Jets' final roster cutdown in 2011 was for the Richmond Raiders of the Professional Indoor Football League. Morgan worked out to stay in shape, but paid the bills by serving as an in-home counselor for the Youth Development Counseling Agency and also by tutoring at a local middle school in Richmond.

Painkillers in NFL? Who really cares? - Rich Hofmann, Daily News
A  LONG, LONG time ago, an Eagles player - one of those freakishly cut offensive linemen from back then, with no body fat at all - lost his mind on the practice field, just attacking everybody he could reach. It was quite a scene, a classic 'roid-rage incident. The next day, the club told reporters that they weren't sure, but they thought it might have been some kind of allergic reaction to a bee sting, and we all wrote it down and put it in the paper the next day. We were such idiots.

Why Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin has never criticized Philly fans for cheering career-ending injury - David Moore, Sports Day DFW
In the 14 years since Michael Irvin was carried off the field on a stretcher, you have never heard him criticize the Philadelphia fans that cheered his final play in the NFL. You may not know why. “I remember my Dad, and a lot of those fans are just like my Dad,’’ the Hall of Fame receiver said before the Cowboys left for Sunday’s NFC East showdown in Philadelphia. “It’s the only place and the only time their opinion counts, the only way they can voice their disappointment, and I can’t have a problem with that.’’

The Evster: Chips, ranked - The 700 Level
My wife institutes a staunch "NO CHIPS" policy in our household. Not because they’re bad for you, but because she can’t stand my erotic mouth-breathing as I shovel them into my fat, sweaty face. Also, they’re horrible for you. That’s why I keep no fewer than 47 bags in my car at all times. I also take blood pressure medication. So considering this holiday weekend kicks off barbecue season – and I have no idea what’s going on in the sports world — let’s rank chips.

Brian Dawkins Jr - Hudl
Valor Christian Varsity Football, Highlands Ranch, CO

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